Thursday, February 2, 2012

How to make a woman interested in you...

Boy meets girl, they have a decent conversation and exchange numbers, boy irks girl's nerves so she stops chatting with him, boy harasses girl.

That's been the story of my life for quite a while... Now I don't normally post personal details on this blog, but today I'll make an exception. This is mainly because I know for certain that I can't possibly be the only one that goes through this. Whether male or female, we've all had to deal with that person that just couldn't seem to take a hint. Unfortunately for me, that person is actually those people. There have been a few men that I've met over the years and while they were nice people, I was not romantically interested in them. So I did what any normal person would do... Put them in the friend zone! Before you begin to judge please note that in no way, shape, or form have I ever led anyone on or purposely caused them to believe that a love connection was a possibility.

Why is it that folks play themselves by automatically assuming that exchanging numbers means that they're about to start dating someone? I've literally had a guy speak to me like I was obligated to spend quality time with him after one phone conversation. I believe a person has the right to feel you out via telephone conversations before either of you waste time or money going on dates. That's fair, right? I must admit, I'm not perfect and I could work on being a bit more blunt with people, but I fear being rude. As opposed to just saying "I just don't like you," I've given excuses in the past. I've either told people that I'm in no position to be dating right now, that I don't have time, or that maybe I'd hit them up if I wanted to hang out. These excuses were totally honest though. I am in no position to be dating someone I don't particularly care for, I work two jobs so spare time is scarce, and I always place emphasis on the word maybe. These days if the excuses don't work I'm just less inclined to respond to text messages and phone calls. Why am I like this and what are the men in question doing wrong?

Only God knows why I'm like this, but some may site the fact that I'm a gemini as a reason for me being wishy washy in my dealings with men. I don't believe my astrological sign has anything to do with it, I simply know what I like and up until recently I hadn't been attracting it. Allow me to list a few of my experiences. I've received multiple text messages at all hours of the night, been turned off by inappropriate comments, and simply been annoyed by another party's lackluster conversation. What did I do in these instances? I didn't respond because if I did, the fool would've thought that texting me at 3am was acceptable, I verbally expressed my disgust, and I ended calls abruptly and ignored the heck out of future ones and text messages. What did the men do? Simple. They kept calling and/or texting. But why?

Some call it persistence, others call it harassment. I call it pure desperation. There's no way I'd continue attempting to contact anyone after multiple failed attempts. Here's a rule of thumb: if you call and/or text someone three times to no avail, they're either dead, super busy, or just not interested in talking to you. My advice would be to stop calling. Give that person the opportunity to show that they're interested in you, if they don't then chances are they aren't.

I am a woman so I can only speak from my experience. I can't give much advice to other women about how to make the right guy interested in you because if I knew, my new crush would probably call me more often. However, I can gear some advice to men because I've dealt with my fair share of ones that I was not eager to get to know. The truth is I don't know any tricks that will ensure a woman's interest, but I do know things that'll definitely prevent it.

Don't constantly call or text a woman unless she is behaving in a similar manner. It makes you seem pressed. Also if you're a man (or woman) that always "chilling" and hanging out who never mentions going to work, chances are another person, if they're anything like me, will not be interested in you. In addition, monitor the type of conversations you have. Any respectable woman won't want to discuss sex with you in the beginning stages of your friendship so if that's what your conversations are typically about, something needs to change. This last bit of advice is universal: just be yourself. If the person you're interested in isn't responding to that then keep it moving. Perhaps it just wasn't meant to be.

That's all I've got for now. Do you have any tips or stories you'd like to share? If so, please feel free to comment below. Also, I'd definitely appreciate if you shared this post with others because excessive phone calls and texts from uninteresting people is a growing epidemic. I'd like you to help me have a part in putting a stop to it.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.