Monday, March 23, 2009

Gossip: Omarion Bisexual Stripper???

Rumor has it that the former B2K lead singer Omari Grandberry, best known as Omarion, secretly got married nearly a year ago. Seeing as though he has been off-the-scene for quite some time, this news is not extremely hard to believe. The lucky lady does, however, cause a little confusion. Reports claim that the woman, who is pictured with the singer to the left, formerly worked as a stripper at the popular Atlanta club, Magic City. This isn't the typical girl you'd bring home to Mama, but who are we to judge? Dig this, she is also reported to be a lesbian. Hmmm.... Kanye isn't the only one with an interesting taste in women!

Anyway, Omarion's alleged wife is featured on Magic City's website so be sure to click the link below to view. What do you think? Would Omarion really wed a much taller and controversial young lady?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Music: Kid Cudi Retires???

As I was doing my daily internet browsing I ran across an interesting story... According to his own blog, newcomer Kid Cudi does not plan to release any more solo albums after his debut this summer. The reason for this is that he has chosen to "fall back" on being an artist due to the overwhelming circumstances fame has caused. The MC, best known for hit current hit single "Day N Nite," plans to release a collaboration album with someone named Chip, but it will be his last studio recording. Seeing as though I'm not THE biggest rap fan, I have no clue who Chip is or if their album would sell. Whatever the case, I just thought that this was rather thought-provoking when one considers all the people trying to get into the music business. You may be thinking that so many others would kill for this opportunity... And he's just gonna up and quit?

I had these thoughts at first and then I read further into his blog. I then thought about the state of the music industry and now I couldn't be happier for the man. I mean, records aren't selling and artists only make money on tour and at other random events. He goes on to state that he'll begin focusing on a career in acting and I wish him the best of luck because he sure did a great job in Solange's "T.O.N.Y." video. According to the MC, he will begin shooting an HBO series this August so I'm sure fans are looking forward to that. For your viewing pleasure (actually it's my pleasure) peep one last picture of him looking super bomb below. Also, be sure to read his blog in its entirety by visiting

(damn, damn, damn)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Music: Case Tryna Get It In Again

I just felt obligated to post about R&B singer, Case. He was one of the best male voices in the mid-90s and "Happily Ever After" is one of the best songs ever in Alex's book of songs. Although he's been off the scene for nearly eight years, he's back with some fire. His latest single, " Lovely," has been getting plenty of radio airplay so peep the video below:


Case's signature sound is back, but will that be enough to secure a decent spot on the charts? With this economy and the way album sales are, it's not likely but be sure to show your support at His first album on an independent label, "The Rose Experience" is slated for release on March 24th.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Keri Hilson's "Make Love" Snippet

Earlier this week Keri Hilson released a video preview for the song "Make Love". The snippet features a cameo from the swaggeriffic Kanye West whom I've never seen looking so sexy. This is definately the direction Keri needs to be moving in especially after the apparent Beyonce/Ciara diss track leak last week. I'm feeling EVERYTHING about this video EXCEPT for the hair!

"Make Love" - Keri Hilson

This song will be the third single from her debut album, In A Perfect World, which drops on March 24th.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Review: BET's Harlem Heights

At a time when reality television is everything but real, BET has premiered Harlem Heights. The series follows the lives of eight “successful” African American 20-somethings living in New York’s legendary Harlem neighborhood. I personally saw only two or three of the cast-mates at work so I’m not so sure if these cast members/ characters should be perceived as successful as the show makes them appear.

As I do with many shows, I’ve picked my favorite cast members early on. All of the men seem decent especially Pierre and Christian. Jason, the short light-skinned guy, may be keeping it too real with his constant Harlem repping BUT he has an enjoyable parenting style! The women are the show’s source of drama and fakeness with cliques already established in the first two episodes. Briana, the brown skinned “fashionista” below, is by far the most ridiculous instigating female I’ve seen on my television screen yet.


Overall, I wouldn’t rush home on Monday nights to catch Harlem Nights but I would gaze at the show during times of leisure. BET’s response to popular MTV shows like The Hills and The City is no competition but it is definitely good to see African Americans in a more positive light. What are your thoughts? Did you watch the show? Check out another photo of the entire cast from the premiere party that was held at the Apollo Theatre last night below. Be sure to visit for more information about the show...