Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Do Men Cheat?

I haven't posted a blog in a while. I ran across this interesting list of reasons as to why men cheat on MrsGrapevine.com and I just wanted to share it with you. Allow me to first state one fact: it's not my intention to seem like a man-basher. If you refer to previous posts, you may begin to think that I am... LoL... Back to the issue at hand, the above mentioned list includes some hilarious and seemingly honest reasons for cheating written by actual men. That's right, MEN. So this list isn't full of speculation, they're real reasons. I'll list my two favorite reasons from the list and viewing the rest is up to you.

“It’s nature and nurture. In these days it has a lot to do with nature. Everywhere you look, whether it is music, television, or politics- there is always sex. Damn near every song that’s out, whether it’s singing or rapping, it’s talking about sex with multiple women.”

The above quoted reason couldn't be more true, in my opinion. It was just earlier today when I was bobbing my head to The Dream's new song that mentions his attraction to multiple women. I can't lie, the song goes hard and is likely to be popular in clubs in upcoming months. But why? Why is it suitable for songs to be about sleeping with another man's woman? Why are we tooting it and booting it every chance we get? It's just sad, but we can't blame it all on the media. People are capable of making their own decisions and life should not be based on your favorite song. My favorite reason from the list is shown below:

"...men cheat cause they WANT TO. Period.”

It's all about choices. If you choose to be in a relationship, you should choose to be faithful. If you can't be faithful, why waste another person's time? I know that this post is specifically about why men cheat, but women cheat too. I think we tend to focus on the wrongdoings of males because women are more emotional thus the impact of cheating is more severe in most cases. My blogs are usually me asking questions, I'm in no way fit to give relationship advice. I have no idea why men, or people in general, cheat. Do you? If so, let me know in the comment section... Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Dear Reader,

I, like many others, have accounts on multiple social networking sites. I'm talking Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Granted, I haven't logged into MySpace in ages, but the fact the the page exists proves that at one point, I gave valuable time to the site. These days twitter is all too popular and you'll frequently see #BlahBlahBlah or @Something and it's the norm. Facebook is by far my favorite social networking site though. It allows me to keep in contact with people from my past, promote events and my blog, and be nosey at any given time.

I recently noticed that when I pick up my phone, the first thing I do is go to Facebook or twitter. Am I alone or do others do this too? When I noticed this, I immediately began to make a change. Why is it that we're concerned with what others are doing? Why do we waste valuable time reading and commenting on Facebook statuses? These questions may never be given answers, but I just want you to ask them to yourself. If you don't know at least three current events, but you're updating your status every two minutes then I suggest you reevaluate your life. This blog won't be long because my computer's battery is low. But I had to write because I am concerned with our current state. We're so busy participating in trending topics and tweeting nonsense, yet we know nothing about the world. I encourage you to start reading a new book or get a hobby. Do something other than socially network all day because that does nothing to benefit you as a person. That is all.

What are your thoughts? If you agree or disagree, feel free to let me know. Feedback is always encouraged. Thanks for reading!


Alexandria B.

Product Placement Like Whoa!!!

I'm a little late in posting this video for Dondria's "You're the One" single but hey... I've been in love with the song for months and I really hope that her album sales are where they need to be for her to be able to release a second one. I first saw Dondria on YouTube years ago and if you go check out her old videos, you'll see that her appearance has changed a lot over time. She's super gorgeous in the video below and I'm loving the glamorous image that SoSoDef is releasing her with. Pay close attention to the caged Louboutin boots (previously featured on WhatAlexWrites) in the opening scene and the Nuvo placement near the end. Now I know that my experience as a Public Relations major is not what's triggering this post. Product placement is SO OBVIOUS in this video. I mean, they're basically the only items in color in the video. I wonder how much they're getting paid to promote Nuvo in the video. And I bet they got those shoes for free. Don't mind me, I'm just hating because I really want those boots. Enough of my rambling, peep the video below:


What are your thoughts? Do you mind the products being placed in the music video? Do you love the song as much as I do? Aren't those boots bomb? Will you buy them for me? My birthday is June 19th. Thanks for reading...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Madd Bananaz: Charitable Fashion

Whenever I find out good information, I make it my business to share it with you guys. This morning at midnight, the new J. Dilla Tribute T-Shirt and mixtape became officially available for sale on the MaddBananaz website. In case you don't know, Madd Bananaz is a West Coast inspired clothing company in Houston, TX. Dig this, the shirts along with crew neck sweatshirts are not only affordable, but $5 from each sale will benefit the Alliance for Lupus Research. I happen to love the design of the shirt and I can see a hot guy wearing it with a cardigan while on a date with me. Ahhh, enough of my fantasy...

The reason why I think you should consider making this purchase is because not only will you or a loved one look fly in the shirt, but you'll have great music to listen to as well. As a Public Relations major, I must applaud what the guys over at MaddBananaz are doing. I recall learning that one of the best ways to push a product is to have a cause attached to it. I am positive that the mixtape and shirt sales will benefit from the amazing opportunity that customers have to help fund Lupus research. I urge you to support good music and a great cause.

If you'd like to make this amazing purchase, click here. If you're not yet willing to purchase the shirt, you can still download the mixtape for FREE here. It's an offer you can't refuse!

Feel free to follow the company on twitter @MaddBananaz or check out their blog for further information.