Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Target needs to get it together!

I went to my local Target this evening and had an interesting experience to say the least. Since it's December 14th, I made it my business to go purchase Tank's new album, Now or Never, and I was surprised to see that it was not on the shelves. I looked in the Rap and R&B section after noticing that the CD wasn't stocked with the new releases and it was not there either. The average consumer would have simply assumed that the CD was not in that particular store and left without it. Luckily, I'm not the typical consumer and I'm a Tank fan to the max so I decided to investigate the issue at hand.

I walked to the electronics department and the sales associate seemed eager to assist me. I politely asked, "Have you guys stocked your new releases yet?" And he replied "Yeah," so I followed up by asking him if they were done and he looked puzzled. I finally decided to stop beating around the bush and told him that Tank's CD was what I was looking for. He went to the back and promptly brought out a box and put it near the register. He hands me one Now or Never CD and turns to walk away. "Excuse me," I say. "I don't just want one. I want them on the shelf so other people can buy them too." He laughs, grabs a stack of the CDs and walks over to where the new releases are  showcased. To make a long story short, I got my Tank CD and I made sure that others in Carson, California have the opportunity to do the same.

I wonder why Ciara's new CD, Basic Instinct, was on display along with Nicki Minaj, Avant and others while Tank's was boxed up in the back. The purpose of this post is to show how tough it is for musicians to make a living these days. If their albums aren't being leaked, they're not being sold in stores properly. I've been a Tank fan since the eighth grade when I would stay up late to watch the "Maybe I Deserve" video so it's no surprise that a person like me would go out of the way to purchase his album. But what about other people? They probably differ. It's so simple to click "download" on a computer and obtain new music these days so artists are forced to find other ways to make money. It's just sad.

I previously wrote an article/blog about whether or not an artist's amount of twitter followers measure their success and this outing at Target reminded me of it. As a fan of good music, I vow to actually go out and purchase albums to ensure that artists that I love stay relevant. Are there any artists that you'd make a sales associate at Target go check the back for? If so, please share in the comment section.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm so grateful...

Words cannot express my gratitude. Earlier today I was awarded the Larry McCormick Scholarship by the Black Journalists Association of Southern California. Not only did I get money that will enable me to finish my senior year with less financial stress, but I left more encouraged than ever before. As I sat at the scholarship banquet with my mother (who, might I add, was beyond proud) I began to reflect on my life.

I'm finally approaching my college graduation , but it has been a long, hard road. I have made my fair share of mistakes and I'm graduating way later than I had planned. All that aside, I manage to impress myself and others when I work diligently to achieve my goals. My list of goals is quite long, but my desires to eliminate some of my debt and make steps toward a career in journalism were met today and this excites me.

One of the most amazing parts about today was meeting the other students that were awarded scholarships as well. A majority of them attend prestigious universities and none of them were as "old" as I am. Instead of feeling inadequate, I appreciated the differences that existed and became more appreciative. Some of their schools provide them with greater resources and tools to succeed. Their schools more than likely disseminated information about the scholarships while students and faculty at my school had no clue that this opportunity existed. I was not there by chance. I was the only student from my school to apply and I was awarded a major scholarship. I'm so happy and proud of us all.

Another awesome moment that I'd like to share is the appearance of KTLA's, Michaela Pereira. Luckily, during the scholarship application process I was able to interview her along with a few other professional journalists but I never expected to meet her so soon. She came and spoke so kindly of me in reference to my quest for the interview and future in journalism. I was so happy and amazed that this woman that I watch on television each morning came to present my scholarship. I truly feel blessed.

The purpose of this post is not to brag or share photos from the event, but it is to inspire you to do what makes you happy. There are so many people that never accomplish their goals, and there are many others who never bother to set them. Do not be content with mediocrity. As far as I know, we only have one life so why waste it? Why complain all the time? Why hate your job when there is a way to find a new one? Why say that you "want to go back to school" when you can simply go enroll? It's important to want better for yourself but it's more important to do better for yourself.

With the new year approaching I'd like to give you a task. Instead of (or in addition to) setting a new year's resolution, write down three goals that you'd like to achieve in 2011. I've found that writing stuff down makes things a lot easier. Write these goals down and if they're not too personal, feel free to share them in the comment section or shoot me an email. I'd love to know how you plan to prosper.

If you're interested in seeing more photos and reading about the BJASC Scholarship Reception or the organization in general, click here.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Do African Americans belong on prime-time television?

I am so tired of writing race-related blog posts, but the news of NBC cancelling Boris Kodjoe's show "Undercovers" has sparked yet another fuse. I'll be the first to admit that I have never watched the aforementioned television program, but I now wish I did. I personally don't have time to watch television because I work full-time and attend school in the evening. More than likely, you didn't tune in either. What's your excuse?

"Undercovers" was refreshing to hear about. The show, led by not one, but TWO African American actors, was a good look for African Americans as a whole. The actors played positive roles as undercover agents as opposed to the typical roles given to actors in this particular ethnic group. Regardless, people did not tune in. I can't blame the public relations staff at NBC either because the show initially had great buzz. I heard about it via the radio, internet and I'm sure it had plenty of television promotion. I wonder why people failed to tune in. Is it because African Americans don't belong on prime-time television?

I ask this question while considering many other television shows with African American casts that have been cancelled. For example, "The Game" which was picked up by BET so luckily it will live to see another day. Also, "Everybody Hates Chris" and "Girlfriends" are among the other shows that viewers no longer have the option to view on major networks. The shows usually get shifted to air on an inconvenient day (Friday evening) and then cancelled soon after. Is it the time that these shows air that make it nearly impossible for viewers to tune in or are we simply uninterested in seeing minorities on prime-time television? If it's not "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" or "The Basketball Wives," are we not amused? Would we rather watch Ray J find love or Lala and Carmelo Anthony get married? This is not to say that there is anything wrong with reality television, but has it become the major source for African American entertainment? Sitcoms are definitely not filled with people that look similar to me and I wonder why. Casts are rarely diverse and that seems to be suitable for many people. I read this article about the cancellation of "Undercovers" and what may have led to it. I think that the writer makes some great points. Production costs may have been too expensive for the show, but there is definitely more to it. What can networks do to get viewers to tune in to these shows? In the event that African American actors get an opportunity to lead another prime-time television show anytime soon, what do you think can be done to prevent such prompt cancellation?
Thanks for reading. Be sure to post your thoughts.

Alexandria B.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wise Individuals Revolutionizing Everything

It's not often that I look at a person's clothing line and immediately want to purchase an item. I guess you can say that I'm one of those rare women that don't love to shop for clothing. Shoes? Now that's another story. Anyway, I came across this commercial that reminded me of myself so I just had to share.

I know that I'm one of many people that hate waking up early in the morning. My dream job is one that enables me to wake up late and work during the evening because I have no issue staying up late. Anyway, I've noticed that when I have a really cute outfit to wear or I wanna look pretty and put make-up on, it's much easier for me to get up in the morning. It's like I have much more energy when it's time to look cute. It's crazy how that works.

Below you'll be able to peep the commercial that I'm so eager to share. It's for W.I.R.E., a clothing line that does more than provide cute clothing. Many of the items that W.I.R.E. offers are both inspirational and stylish. I could see guys that I know wearing these shirts and I especially love the message that the company send to us consumers. Without further ado, here is the darn commercial!

Wasn't that an awesome commercial? In my opinion, a handsome guy with muscles and a pretty smile is the perfect way to market any product! LoL.. Seriously though, go to Get-Tapped-In.com to find out more about W.I.R.E. and click here to shop for their clothing.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Four Types of Friends...

I've noticed that most of my blog posts are a bit serious in nature so now is the time that I write about something a little more fun. This past weekend I was home alone most of the time and when Sunday was coming to an end I thought to myself, "I need more friends." It's no surprise that it's much more difficult for females to become and remain friends than it is for males. It's a sad but obvious fact. The friends that I do have, I do not see that often. This could be because I'm not the most social of people and I'm content laying in my bed on a Friday night while doing nothing. In fact, napping is my favorite pastime. When there is an event that I'd like to attend, it's fairly simple for me to decide which friend I'd like to bring along because I've managed to categorize my small group of friends. Below you'll see my list of the four types of friends that one may have.

1. The Best Friend - A best friend is typically a person that you've known for many years. This person knows all about you and vice versa. The two of you have fun doing numerous things together. You would do anything for this person and they are like family. A person that has more than three "best friends" likely overuses the term or is extremely friendly.

2. The Multi-Purpose Friend - This friend is the friend that can go anywhere and likes to do anything with you. Whether at a restaurant or a concert, you and this friend are bound to have a good time. Multi-purpose friends are like the perfect pair of black pumps. They can be worn to work or the club. I'm not saying that you can wear your friends, but I'm sure you get my drift. These types of friends are fun to be around and the difference between them and a best friend is likely the amount of time that you've known them.

3. The Acquaintance - An acquaintance is the most common of all friend types. This person is nice and fun to be around, but you do not see them that often. You've either become acquainted through a mutual friend, school, or some other random activity. Acquaintances are the most likely to annoy you seeing as though they do not know you very well. It is best to hang out with acquaintances sporadically until the two of you know each other better. In some instances an acquaintance can become a multi-purpose friend.

4. The Socialite - Lastly, the socialite/ party-goer is the friend that is only useful at clubs or other high-energy social events. This person enjoys partying more than most people and unfortunately they're not good for much else. This type of friend does not typically engage themself in intellectual conversations and their knowledge doesn't extend beyond the club or the opposite sex. The advantage to this type of friend is that they ALWAYS know what fun events are happening.

Please remember that these are just my thoughts. There may be more types or perhaps fewer. Do you agree with what you see above? Is there something that my list is missing?

Friday, October 1, 2010

Why so many Black women are single...

I,like many others, am sick of hearing people discuss why they think the majority of Black women are single. The video above is of rapper, Nelly chiming in on why he thinks many women are single. He makes a great point when he states that some women pass on good guys because they don't look like "the perfect guy." I'm guilty of this. For example, I have sworn off short guys. Imagine that! I'm only 5'3 and I have the nerve to be picky about height. A friend and I were discussing this recently and she has a long list of deal breakers. She has been single for a while might I add. On the other hand, I know plenty of women who are no where close to getting married, but engage in aimless activities with subpar men for the sake of not being alone. I don't know about you, but I'd much rather be single.

Anyway, the purpose of this post is to ask you a question. Do you think many women are too picky? Should we have to settle for the men that are available as opposed to waiting for "Mr.Right" when we're not even sure he exists? I'm totally stumped when it comes to this topic so what are your thoughts?

Monday, September 27, 2010

"This Time"

I never thought I'd post a 15 minute video on my blog and actually expect people to watch it. Better yet, I never thought I'd be this moved by a YouTube clip. So I'm posting it and you'd be a fool not to watch. Below you'll see director Matthew Cherry's latest work of art, a short film that was written by actress Reagan Gomez-Preston. "This Time" stars Reagan Gomez, Michael Moss and Terri J. Vaughn. It's a moving film and a love story that pays tribute to the men and women who have given their lives to protect our country. It's sad so if you're anything like me, have tissue handy near the end. I hope you enjoy and feel free to comment below.

To find out more about Matthew A. Cherry, click here.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Download Jojo's Mixtape

I've been waiting patiently for some new music from one of my favorite singers. I'm a huge Jojo fan so it's only right for me to share info about her new mixtape, Can't Take That Away From Me. I'll be honest and say that quite a few of the tracks will have to grown on me. I've decided to share "Just A Dream" since it ties for my favorite so far. The other song that I'm in love with is "Boy Without a Heart" because it showcases her vocals brilliantly. If you'd like to get your free download of the entire mixtape, click here.

<a href="http://rap-up.bandcamp.com/track/just-a-dream">Just a Dream by JoJo</a>

Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello there. I just wanted to go ahead and thank those of you that take the time out to read my posts and have subscribed to this blog. I appreciate it more than you know. An old friend from high school happened to find me because of the site so I'm extremely excited about that as well. Oh and do you see my new headshot that was taken by Stella Simona? I love it. Now let me get to the topic at hand. I am a very opinionated person. If I feel some type of way about an issue, I will give my opinion as long as I am not being rude about it. I rarely feel the need to "go off" on people, but this Saturday I was tempted to do so. After helping a non-business man with his event, I happened to meet a very obnoxious short guy that I have had previous conversation with via a BlackBerry Messenger group. I repeat, BlackBerry Messenger. This means that I had never once heard this man's voice yet I already felt a sense of disdain for him because his participation in those group conversations was nothing more than ignorance. Anyway the conversation was simple at first but somehow escalated to him putting his hands in my face and physically touching my hand. Ummmmm. Excuse me?

I don't like when people do either of those things especially when the person is a male. The non-business man decided that he should jump in and help the situation by questioning why we were arguing. I simply let him know that the other guy's hands had no business on me or in my face. He then decides to call me sensitive, uptight, and too reserved among other words that led those surrounding us to think that I was a prude. This immediately reminded me of earlier that evening when the non-business man got behind me and danced. I not only asked him to move, but I had a disgusted look on my face. Call me crazy, but I am uninterested in dancing with people that I'm not attracted to. Nor do I like people dancing behind me in a sexual manner. It's just not my cup of tea. Wait, I just got sidetracked, allow me to get back to the story. After the non-business man told everyone that I was too reserved, he made a bold statement. "I don't even think Alex likes men." He didn't get the response that he was looking for so he decided to repeat himself numerous times. Needless to say, I was utterly annoyed by both of these fools.

Seriously, just because a woman doesn't like a guy does that give him the right to question her sexuality? I didn't decide to write this post based off this one event. I have been called gay or had my sexuality questioned on numerous occasions. I can truthfully say that I am reserved and what some may call a prude, but I have never once been attracted to a woman. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual, don't get me wrong. But I am sick and tired of lame men trying to validate themselves by speaking negatively about others. Dear non-business man, a female is not gay simply because she is not interested in you and your antics. Get it together!

What are your thoughts? Has something like this ever happened to you?

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

What T.I. and Tiny's arrest says about Black people...

Last night, rapper T.I. and his wife Tameka "Tiny" Cottle were arrested in Hollywood for possession of a controlled substance. The newlyweds were released soon after on$10,000 bail. Yes, this man is a star AND executive producer of the number one movie in the country. Yes, this man got out of jail less than a year ago. And yes, this man is currently on probation. No one knew exactly what controlled substance was found in the vehicle, but TMZ just reported that it was a small amount of ecstasy after previously speculating that they were sipping codeine. Whatever they had, it's a shame that they possessed any kind of drugs when T.I. has had numerous run-ins with the law. Watching this story unfold has shown me three things about Black people:

1. HOOD PEOPLE DO HOOD THINGS - As the saying goes, "You can take the boy out the hood, but you can't take the hood out the boy." I couldn't agree more. Let's just assume that the ecstasy belonged to someone other than T.I. for there were more than two people in the car. Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. But the cops also smelled weed when they were pulled over. Let's say T.I. was not smoking. Why would one allow a scene like this to play out knowing you are on probation? I would never let anyone smoke in my car. Besides, T.I. obviously possessed something if he was taken into custody. I hope that it was not enough to land him back in jail. So back to my point, T.I. has a past that shows why he would allow such shenanigans. Early album titles such as "Trap Muzik" indicate that he is no stranger to drugs. No matter how much money or success a person from "the hood" gets, he or she may still do hood-like things.

2. WE CARE MORE ABOUT CELEBRITY GOSSIP THAN IMPORTANT CURRENT EVENTS - Many popular blogs that are geared toward minorities posted information about recent events such as Barack Obama ending the war in Iraq and the recent shooting at the Discovery Channel's headquarters, but these stories received fewer comments than gossip filled ones. This morning alone there were over one hundred comments on the T.I./Tiny arrest story at NecoleBitchie.com.

3. WE'RE NOSEY, WE MAKE IGNORANT JOKES ABOUT OTHERS AND FEED OFF NEGATIVITY- While some people on blog comments glorified Tiny being a "ride-or-die chick" others joked that T.I. needs to use drugs to deal with her appearance. So many people co-signed on the latter and made other ignorant and rude jokes. There were also individuals that expressed concern for the couple's children. Granted, they are not setting good examples for them but when did it become our responsibility to place judgement on others? Why are we so concerned with their lives anyway? I've also seen numerous tweets and facebook statuses about their arrest. If the general public minded their own business I wonder how different things would be. Hmmmm.

This post is just to show that I think that Black people, people in general actually, need to reevaluate what's important. Is it T.I's legal issues, Tiny's appearance, or political happenings that may actually affect you? Regardless of whether or not he goes back to jail, he'll still have more money than most people who are so determined to make jokes or give their opinions about his situation. What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Do You Deserve?

This post will be short. I have so many things that I'd like to write about but I will opt not to do so because at this point they seem like complaints. I am making a conscious effort to stop complaining so wish me luck. I did, however, want to touch on something that I think is extremely important. How many of us live lives that we want to change? How many of us want more than what we have now? How many of us know that we deserve so much more? I'm assuming that most of us have these thoughts but I question whether or not we're working hard enough to get what we think we deserve.

Yesterday I went jogging/walking with a friend and I must say that I worked out more than my legs. My brain probably had the biggest work out of all my muscles. We were walking in the View Park area of Los Angeles and there were plenty of beautiful houses along the trail. She and I began acting like children and picking and choosing which houses were ours while imagining our families living there. It may sound silly, but it was a huge eye opener. How many people played this type of game as children, but grew up and never got to see the house of our dreams? How many of us are settling? In all of my daydreaming yesterday, I never once imagined myself in one of these nice homes by myself. I kept mentioning my imaginary husband and future kid(s). That's how life is supposed to be. You know, the praiseworthy American Dream that was once sought after? Why have so many people given up on it and decided to have multiple children out of wedlock? Why do we want more for ourselves, but do nothing to get it? These are questions that I do not have the answer to. I do not expect you to know the answer either but ponder if you will.

I have a couple of questions that you should know the answer to. What do you deserve? What are you doing to get it? I hope you have started to work toward what you desire as opposed to sitting around dreaming about it. I will do all that is within my power to accomplish, both, my career and personal goals. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be a reporter. I want and deserve a nuclear family that lives in a house like the ones we saw yesterday. Remember, there is one difference between us and the people who have the things we want. They figured out a way to get it. I challenge you to develop a plan. Set some goals and feel free to share them with me. Let's get to work people!

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Friday, August 13, 2010

The Bad Girls Club?

The new season of the popular Oxygen show, The Bad Girls Club, recently premiered and had extremely high ratings according to my facebook news feed. I am unsure what season this is for the television series, but I'm getting annoyed with its concept. The idea of bringing a group of "bad" women to live together and do nothing but argue, fuss and fight is ridiculous. The sad part is that many of us find it entertaining.

I don't have cable or very much interest in the show so I can't be expected to have all these facts straight, but I'd like to briefly share my views based on what I saw from watching bits and pieces of the first two episodes. As a Los Angeles native, I am offended that there is a ratchet stripper from Inglewood (pictured bottom right) that was chosen to represent the West Coast. I also don't understand what the purpose of this show is nor is it clear why so many people love it. So I'm writing to get your opinion while giving mine simultaneously.

This show is a mess. These females packed up the belongings of one of the cast members because they "didn't like her vibe" or in other words she looked better than them. They fist fought within the first 24 hours. They practiced stripper moves during times of leisure. They pranced around the house in panties all day and called one another profane names. I'm amazed that in order to entertain our society, the only thing necessary is dramatic reality shows. Granted, these women don't represent us all so I will not touch on how I think they are a poor representation of women as a whole. They are seemingly doing nothing with their lives beforehand and then they gather in a mansion for a few months to do nothing but party, fight and fornicate.

People actually look forward to seeing this show each week and I want to know why. How is this entertainment? Please don't be ashamed if you like the show but instead tell me what's so intriguing about it.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How Important is Sex?

Below you can watch the latest episode of The Business Report. In this particular video we discuss the importance of sex in today's relationships. Andrea and I had totally different opinions on this topic. She thinks that sex is extremely important and I happen to disagree. In my opinion, sex should not be the focus of any relationship or it is destined to fail. After speaking with a couple of male friends who had great outlooks, I decided to write this post. I have a great female following on this blog so your input is requested as well. Please watch the video below and then read on for the perspectives of a few friends of mine.

So did you enjoy the episode? I sure hope so... After the video was posted, we got a lot of positive feedback and people were eager to share their opinions. One guy wrote the following message to me:

"Sex is important to me, but only if I'm in a relationship. I became celibate last year because I wanted to have a better understanding of what I truly want in a woman, and how much I truly value sex. Casual sex just didn't do it for me. The best sex I had was when i had a strong connection to the girl and just one touch would make her tremble, this is not because I'm that dope in bed but its because the attraction was completely beyond the physical. When done right, it can only magnify how you feel about a person for the better but most times it DOES complicate things where both people aren't on the same page."

All I could say was "wow" in response. I wish more men thought this way. Society encourages promiscuous sexual activity. Musicians sell it to us and we buy it in abundance. So how can we expect people to not think sex is important in relationships? I wish more people would pay attention to what's important as opposed to what we see and hear in the media. Another response I received was from a gentleman that I happen to have a crush on (LoL) and he simply stated he knew that relationships could never work with women who tried to jump his bones early in the relationship. He also went on to say the the larger the focus on sex is in a relationship, the less time it will last. I totally agree. People get bored and cheat for the purpose of finding sexual satisfaction so an emotional connection is necessary.

This topic is so multifaceted and can be looked at from multiple angles. To sum it all up, I still rate the importance of sex in relationships a 3 and I know that the only way that a positive bond can be formed is with the absence of sex for a prolonged period of time. This way, you'll know that you truly care for the person and sex will just be an added bonus.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Racism on the news too? Wow.

I am convinced that racism is still alive and very prevalent after seeing this video.

It bothers me that this particular station decided to air this story and edited the clip so that the most ignorant portions could be seen. The media took this story and ran with it so now the story is all over the world wide web. This is how some Black people are, but it is very common for people to consider this a representation of MOST Black people. Stay tuned for videos about topics similar to this from our YouTube channel. We're currently dealing with a topic that questions why Black men desire non-Black women, but it's likely to expand.

What are your thoughts? Am I just tripping or is this news clip really ridiculous?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why Black Men Don't Desire Black Women...

I honestly feel like I'm beating a dead horse. We've heard countless times about the overwhelmingly high percentage of Black women that are single. The suggestion that Black women date other races in order to find love indicates that Black women need to stop being so close-minded and venture out just as Black men have. I've heard that Black women need to change their perspective on dating and not be so picky. These suggestions each require that Black women do something different.

This past weekend, my friend Andrea and I started a YouTube account and recorded a few videos. The main topic of discussion was wealthy Black men and their decision to date non-Black women. Allow me to first state that I have no problem with interracial dating, but this trend is beginning to annoy me. Wealthy, or shall I say financially stable, Black men seem to keep settling down or developing romantic relationships with women that look nothing like their mothers. White and "exotic" looking women are all the rave and I am beginning to wonder why. In an effort to keep the length of this post down, I'll just state that many Black men in the entertainment industry choose to date outside their race and as a Black woman, I am offended. When I post the video you'll be able to get more details and our opinions on this issue.

This post is not meant to focus on the famous Black men that date outside their race, I want to highlight a young man that I know who just recently graduated from high school. For the purpose of confidentiality, I will refer to him as "R" for the duration of this post. I was chatting with R on skype and I mentioned the aforementioned topic. He instantly replied "Well, we want women with natural beauty." I was immediately confused as to what he meant so I asked him to elaborate and he continued "When they wake up in the morning, they are ready to go. They don't need no 24 inch weave..." He also went on to mention that Black women have too much attitude and are too controlling. I then asked if he preferred a submissive woman or someone that he could control and he replied "No, I just don't want someone that thinks she can control me."

If R is barely 18 years old and he has developed a preference, what is really going on? Is society teaching us that Black women aren't naturally beautiful? Do we really need weaves to compete with other women or do we just wear them to please ourselves? Do Black women really try to control their men? If so, are we taught by our mothers to do so? Are Black women single not only because Black men are either dead or in jail, but because these men are choosing not to date them? If Black women were to date outside their race, would this solve the problem? I have so many questions, but I'll stop there. Please feel free to comment and give your opinion on this topic.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ciara, Ciara... WTF?

Anybody who knows me knows that I don't typically indulge in celebrity gossip. There are enough blogs that do just that, but lately there's one particular celebrity that has been getting on my nerves. That celebrity is none other than Miss Ride-it herself, Ciara. That nasty song itself was the start to my issues with the direction of Ciara's career. Her goal is to make a musical comeback and sell records yet it seems like the only items that she's putting up for sale are the "goodies" that she once told us were unattainable. The video for "Ride" was banned by BET, Ciara hasn't hat a hit record since I can remember and this new album is set to be released next month. I predict a flop for the simple fact that women make of the majority of consumers that purchase R&B records and any woman that wants to drive her car singing "He loves the way I riiiiide it..." is a hot mess. No offense if you are seriously feeling that song. Riding the beat like a freak is fine, but it's not something I choose to do.

Enough of that ridiculous song, my latest upset stems from Ciara's choice of wardrobe at Lala and Carmelo Anthony's wedding this past weekend. This fool had on a short, tight mini dress showing off ALL of her legs. Everybody knows that Ciara has an amazing body and I applaud that, but at a wedding though? Seriously, she is outta her mind for that one. If I was Lala, Ciara would have been politely escorted to the nearest exit for wearing a freak'um dress to come witness my holy matrimony. I hope and pray that she only wore this dress to enter the building and was actually IN the wedding and changed into something more modest for the ceremony. I find her dress extremely disrespectful to the bride and anyone who doesn't agree with me is crazy. I am in no way a "hater" nor am I a Ciara fan, but I hope that her team comes up with something other than sex appeal to make her music career one that can be deemed successful. Let me know your thoughts. Do you think Ciara going to be a success with the release of her next album? Was her dress (pictured below)appropriate for a wedding?

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm inspired...

I am not a sports fan and have never claimed to be one. When it comes to watching sports, my motto is "If it doesn't benefit me or make me any money, why would I waste countless hours doing it?" With this in mind, I don't keep track of what's going on in the world of basketball. Even though I distance myself from sports, I can't help but hear stories about Lebron James being a free agent, that stuff with his mom and teammate, and lastly, his lack of a championship ring. I've heard many compare him to Kobe and many think he's a better player. Quite frankly, I think that both of them are ridiculously overpaid and with or without a ring, Lebron is ballin' both literally and figuratively. The purpose of this post is because I was watching BET over at my mom's house this weekend and they aired More Than A Game, a movie that basically shows how Lebron James made it to the NBA documenting the growth of a group of Basketball playing friends from grade school all the way to multiple stellar high school seasons. After watching the film, I was extremely proud of Lebron even though I don't know him at all. In fact, I was proud of the entire team especially the African American young men that considered themselves the "Fab Five." One teammate in particular was my favorite and his name is Dru Joyce III (pictured center). Dru's father coached the group of guys from childhood (all except one named Romeo Travis who appeared during their Sophomore year in high school). With his father as the coach, one can only imagine the extra pressure that this must have caused him. Dru not only faced this battle, he also dealt with the fact that he was smaller than most of his peers.

This post is getting lengthy so I'll get to the point where I became instantly inspired. In middle school Dru Joyce III was approximately 4'11 while his teammates had already began to undergo puberty. Dru came off the bench during a game when his team was trailing and the crowd immediately began to laugh at the thought of this skinny little boy being put in the game. If that were me I would have been extremely embarrassed and hurt to the point where my performance would have been poor. Luckily, Dru is nothing like me. Coming into this particular game he ended up shooting about seven three-pointers almost back-to-back and the crowd began to roar. This one part of the movie stands out to me. I don't know if it's because I'm skinny or if it's because of the drive and dedication that this young man possessed. It's probably the latter. To make a long story short, at the end of the film the member of the Fab Five accomplished their goal of becoming national champions after a couple of disappointments and numerous wins. Their success speaks volumes. I deem it important for you and I to set goals and work diligently to accomplish them as opposed to sitting around wishing we could become successful. Granted, we may never become national champions or go the the NBA but hey... There's room for us all to be successful in our own right. One may look at the film in question and say that seeing as though Lebron James is the only one who went to the NBA, he was the only successful team member. This couldn't be more wrong. If I read the information at the end correctly, two of the men play basketball professionally overseas and another one played football in college. They are each successful in their own right.

Don't sue me if I have these facts wrong because like I said previously, I am not a basketball fan. I just really enjoyed this film and the story behind it. Who would have imagined that a group of young men from a small city would be so successful on a national scale? Have you seen the film? If you haven't seen it, I suggest that you do so. What goals would you like to accomplish? Have you started working toward them? Oh and if you see Dru, tell him he has a fan! LoL

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

When bashfulness is no longer cute...

I can recall being a shy kid that rarely spoke unless spoken to. My teachers loved me for this attribute so I was always the child selected to win prizes and whenever we had a substitute, I was labeled as "well-behaved." But I've recently come to realize that I wasn't as well-behaved as I was quiet. I wasn't quiet because I was a quiet person, I was quiet because I was too shy to speak. To others, it was cute that I wasn't adamant about getting my point across as a child. I was content just sitting in class and doing my work. I'd prefer to save my questions to ask the teacher in private. They never seemed to mind. My shyness helped me get away with a lot of things, but it also prohibited me from getting as involved in many interesting school activities. With this as the case, I attempted to alter my shy trait during my last couple years of high school. I did this because I began to realize that closed mouths didn't get fed. If I wanted to "be somebody" others had to know my intentions. I had improved so much by the time I entered college that I was able to persuade people to vote for me and I became Freshman Class President of Texas Southern University. I've since gotten involved in many other activities that show that I am no longer that shy, quiet girl that I once was. Unfortunately, my new found confidence hasn't made it's way to my social life. I still find myself being quiet in public settings that don't involve my education or employment. Don't dare ask me how this affects my dating life. It's ridiculous how difficult it is for me to approach my crush. At my age, should I still be crushing? I mean, one should get to a point where they're comfortable letting another know that they have taken interest in them and would like to pursue a relationship or whatever. However, I can't see myself doing this anytime soon...

The purpose of this post is to get your thoughts on the issue at hand. Is it cute for a person to be shy? Or is it a turnoff? When you reach a certain age, it's crucial to be able to express your thoughts. But at what point does being mouthy become too much? Is there a difference when considering bashfulness between males and females? Is there a fine line between being meek and downright insecure? Being shy can be classified as a "cute" trait for a young child, but when is it no longer cute?

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What You Know About Sammie?

Hey there,

It's been a while since I had a real post. What better a topic to come back with than one of my favorite male R&B artists, Sammie. I swear I've been in like with this guy since the sixth grade when he came to sing at my school. It was at that moment that I started calling myself Alexandria Bush. I've grown up since then and my infatuation with Sammie and B2K has died down. I must admit, I don't follow him on twitter simply because I don't tweet enough to actually stay informed anyway. However, I decided to do a YouTube search on Sammie yesterday after I couldn't stop singing lyrics from "Crazy Things I Do" and I found more than just old videos. Not only does he have current videos on YouTube, but Sammie has an up-to-date webpage and a mixtape out. Of course, I had to download it and I gave it a listen before I decided to write/blog about this man. Although It's Just A Mixtape is a mixtape, it's totally worth downloading and songs like "B Word" and "Phone" are among my favorites. Sammie has writing credits on each song on the mixtape which is pretty impressive especially considering the fact that he does a bit of rapping this go round. This is my first time hearing from him since his 2006 album, Sammie, which featured the hit single "You Should Be My Girl".

Sammie has come a long way from liking the way a pre-teen girl looks at him. He's an adult now and I'm hoping that this mixtape gets him the recognition that he deserves. It's sad that artists like Chris Brown and Sammie (among others) are providing music to fans via free mixtapes as opposed to selling albums that eventually go platinum. I wonder if the music industry will ever be the same. If I knew how to sing, I lowkey wouldn't even want a deal because it seems so hard to make it. Moving on, do me a favor and visit Sammie's website in order to find out the latest news. Also, be sure to download the mixtape by clicking here. You can also follow him on twitter to get your daily dose of this R&B superstar.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

All I want for my birthday is...

My birthday is in two days and I know I won't be receiving this from anyone, but it doesn't hurt to dream, right? In my mind, a MacBook Pro is the answer to all my problems. For one, it would enable me to illegally download music without the fear of a computer-killing virus. Secondly, I would be able to get photoshop (for free hopefully) and edit images and all that good stuff. I would also be able to record videos, have the cool camera features, a lightened keyboard for when I'm typing at night, etc. Lowkey, the garage band will enable me to record songs even though I can't sing. Lastly, I would just feel cool. So if you or anybody you know is thinking about getting me a gift, make it monetary so it can go to the GetAlexTheMacBook Foundation.


Alexandria B.

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey Now!!!!

It's been a while since I last posted. I currently have loads of work to do so this won't be long, but I just wanted to check in briefly. My 23rd birthday is in five days and I still have no dress to wear. My "All Black Everything" dinner party has been planned and I'm stoked. I've had the desire to write about numerous things including the BP oil spill and Slim Thug's recent controversial comments about dating black women. However, I have not had the time. You can trust and believe that when I return I will do so with a bang. I'd love for this blog to provoke debate and/or dialogue about important issues. You may notice that the site looks a bit different. I called myself "updating" things all by myself, but I may have to phone-a-friend for further assistance because I'd like for the site to look way better. I took pictures with a photographer named Michael Santana to celebrate my upcoming birthday and I got a few really great shots. I'm sure my future site will include his photos. In the meantime, feast your eyes on one of them (below)!

Until next time...


Alexandria B.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eighteen Days Til My Bday...

I can't believe that it's already June. This year is flying right on by and in a little more than two weeks, I'll be 23 years old. Where have the years gone? I used to sit back and complain about how I was not yet where I wanted to be in life on my birthdays, but this birthday will be different. If you look to the left, you'll see a photo of me from my birthday celebration at a lounge in Downtown Los Angeles. It was a small celebration with no more than like 8 people and I enjoyed myself. I'm hoping that this year is different though. It would be nice to celebrate with a few more people and do something cool. It was ridicuous how many people said they'd attend, but didn't. It was also a shame how people thought it was ok to show up extremely late to the dinner portion of my birthday celebration. I don't have many friends, this is true. But the ones I do have are cherished. I hope to have an exciting 23rd birthday with them.

Now that the birthday is near, I have to figure out what to do. Should I keep it simple and have a dinner party? I thought it would be cool to suggest that the attendees wear white & black to the fiesta. Good idea huh? Or should I do something else? I'm open to ideas. Holler back at a player as soon as you can! Oh yeah, getting one year older encourages me to work a little bit harder to reach my goals, but I'm finding that the more I work the less I know what I want in life. I'll be praying for clarity and overall happiness. I know that I am not meant to wake up every morning to come perform the work that I am responsible for. There's gotta be more out there. Woo woo woo. Back to the birthday, I want invitations to go out asap. Do you think I should take cool professional photos for my birthday? It'll be solely for my entertainment and a facebook album maybe. Nothing too fancy.

Thanks for reading,


Sunday, May 16, 2010


Since his 2009 mishap, Chris Brown has struggled to regain popularity and has faced an extreme amount of adversity. Before the incident I had no idea how huge of a Chris Brown fan I was. I found myself debating with my co-workers in an effort to defend the 21-year-old R&B singer. Anyway, in an effort not to beat a dead horse I'll get to the point of this post. I purchased his latest album and fell in love with the song, "I'll Go" and was super impressed with his In My Zone mixtape. Man, I swear "Madusa" was written for me, lol. I really hope that people come around and realize that this young man is talented and deserves a second chance. Too many people pass judgement on others without thinking about the harm that could cause. Just think, he's barely old enough to drink yet he was convicted of a felony offense. I mean, I've told plenty of people that I was going to kill them and I didn't have to do community service or be publicly ridiculed for it. Let's be fair and recognize his potential. See below for a short clip of a Haiti relief benefit concert that he headlined in Virginia yesterday. His dancing is amazing and be sure to peep his Dougie...

Do you love Chris Brown as much as I do? What's your favorite Chris Brown song? What are your thoughts on the future of his career?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naturally Beautiful...

It's not often that we read about Janelle Monae or hear her her music on the radio. Why? Perhaps because she chooses to wear tuxedos as opposed to bikinis in her photoshoots. Or maybe because she's just too different. Whatever the case, I thought I'd do a brief write-up while I'm supposed to be hard at work. It seems like females must be naked with their behinds out to get a little recognition in this world. It's just sad. I don't mean to single out Ciara, but that "Ride" video is extremely sexual. And while her body is amazing, is all that necessary? What is she trying to accomplish? I'm not so sure that any musical talent exists in that video at all. Whatever,I'm just one person. What does my opinion matter? I just wanted to highlight the beauty that exists in artists like Janelle Monae and Algebra Blessett. This is beauty that is rarely ever seen because money is put into promoting sexual, depthless projects. It's just sad.

Now the reason I decided to title this post "Naturally Beautiful" is because of the hairstyles that these ladies choose to rock. I've yet to see Janelle or Algebra sporting a lacefront wig or looking superficial. These women are the epitome of genuine in my opinion. I like that. I choose to wear my hair natural as well. Be on the lookout for a natural hair care post in the near future. Don't get me wrong, I'll wear a weave in an effort to maintain my natual hair with no problem. There's nothing wrong with weaves or wigs, but the problem is with how fake you have to look to be "cute" these days. The problem is how people find it hard to see the beauty in their natural hair textures so they spend time and money damaging it. It amazes me. I'm rambling. I love this topic. What are your thoughts though? Am I crazy or to natural-haired beauties get no love in the music industry? And is it just me or do people with natural hair tend to make better music? LoL.

Anyway, if you'd like to find more information about these women feel free to click either of the links below:
Janelle's Official Website or Algebra's MySpace page

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last Saturday I attended the Communications Department banquet that was hosted at my university. Unfortunately, I caught a bad case of pink eye so I almost didn't go but that's a long story... I definitely had to go because I had previously decided that it was wise for me to apply for two scholarships that would be awarded at the event. One of the scholarships asked that students write a letter to the department chair about the hardships and obstacles faced throughout the process of them trying to attain a degree. The other asked for a little more than a letter, it asked for a resume and letter of recommendation too. This scholarship is in memory of a professor that passed away two years ago, the Donn E. Silvis Memorial Award. As you can see, that award was given to me. Professor Silvis is described to be an exceptional educator and a major reason why our department exists as it does today. With this as the case, I am extremely proud to be the second recipient of this award.

To be honest, I was not expecting to win either award much less the award that required the resume that includes work, school involvement and volunteer experience. I definitely work 40 hours per week and I have done my share of volunteer work, but my involvement at this new school has been minimal for most of my classes are during the evening and I work throughout the day. I explained my lack of school involvement in my personal statement and I am glad that it helped me get this scholarship. Now I didn't decide to post this to brag about getting a scholarship... I wanted to share my thoughts on how we are usually the first to doubt ourselves. I am happy that I decided to not listen to my first mind and instead applied for these scholarships. I am happy that the family of the late Professor Silvis saw my potential and chose me to receive this award. I now encourage you to try something that you've never tried before and I'm sure the results will surprise you. I'm living proof.

Is there something you've always wanted to try, but been afraid of failure? Do tell...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why Do Men Cheat?

I haven't posted a blog in a while. I ran across this interesting list of reasons as to why men cheat on MrsGrapevine.com and I just wanted to share it with you. Allow me to first state one fact: it's not my intention to seem like a man-basher. If you refer to previous posts, you may begin to think that I am... LoL... Back to the issue at hand, the above mentioned list includes some hilarious and seemingly honest reasons for cheating written by actual men. That's right, MEN. So this list isn't full of speculation, they're real reasons. I'll list my two favorite reasons from the list and viewing the rest is up to you.

“It’s nature and nurture. In these days it has a lot to do with nature. Everywhere you look, whether it is music, television, or politics- there is always sex. Damn near every song that’s out, whether it’s singing or rapping, it’s talking about sex with multiple women.”

The above quoted reason couldn't be more true, in my opinion. It was just earlier today when I was bobbing my head to The Dream's new song that mentions his attraction to multiple women. I can't lie, the song goes hard and is likely to be popular in clubs in upcoming months. But why? Why is it suitable for songs to be about sleeping with another man's woman? Why are we tooting it and booting it every chance we get? It's just sad, but we can't blame it all on the media. People are capable of making their own decisions and life should not be based on your favorite song. My favorite reason from the list is shown below:

"...men cheat cause they WANT TO. Period.”

It's all about choices. If you choose to be in a relationship, you should choose to be faithful. If you can't be faithful, why waste another person's time? I know that this post is specifically about why men cheat, but women cheat too. I think we tend to focus on the wrongdoings of males because women are more emotional thus the impact of cheating is more severe in most cases. My blogs are usually me asking questions, I'm in no way fit to give relationship advice. I have no idea why men, or people in general, cheat. Do you? If so, let me know in the comment section... Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Dear Reader,

I, like many others, have accounts on multiple social networking sites. I'm talking Twitter, MySpace and Facebook. Granted, I haven't logged into MySpace in ages, but the fact the the page exists proves that at one point, I gave valuable time to the site. These days twitter is all too popular and you'll frequently see #BlahBlahBlah or @Something and it's the norm. Facebook is by far my favorite social networking site though. It allows me to keep in contact with people from my past, promote events and my blog, and be nosey at any given time.

I recently noticed that when I pick up my phone, the first thing I do is go to Facebook or twitter. Am I alone or do others do this too? When I noticed this, I immediately began to make a change. Why is it that we're concerned with what others are doing? Why do we waste valuable time reading and commenting on Facebook statuses? These questions may never be given answers, but I just want you to ask them to yourself. If you don't know at least three current events, but you're updating your status every two minutes then I suggest you reevaluate your life. This blog won't be long because my computer's battery is low. But I had to write because I am concerned with our current state. We're so busy participating in trending topics and tweeting nonsense, yet we know nothing about the world. I encourage you to start reading a new book or get a hobby. Do something other than socially network all day because that does nothing to benefit you as a person. That is all.

What are your thoughts? If you agree or disagree, feel free to let me know. Feedback is always encouraged. Thanks for reading!


Alexandria B.

Product Placement Like Whoa!!!

I'm a little late in posting this video for Dondria's "You're the One" single but hey... I've been in love with the song for months and I really hope that her album sales are where they need to be for her to be able to release a second one. I first saw Dondria on YouTube years ago and if you go check out her old videos, you'll see that her appearance has changed a lot over time. She's super gorgeous in the video below and I'm loving the glamorous image that SoSoDef is releasing her with. Pay close attention to the caged Louboutin boots (previously featured on WhatAlexWrites) in the opening scene and the Nuvo placement near the end. Now I know that my experience as a Public Relations major is not what's triggering this post. Product placement is SO OBVIOUS in this video. I mean, they're basically the only items in color in the video. I wonder how much they're getting paid to promote Nuvo in the video. And I bet they got those shoes for free. Don't mind me, I'm just hating because I really want those boots. Enough of my rambling, peep the video below:


What are your thoughts? Do you mind the products being placed in the music video? Do you love the song as much as I do? Aren't those boots bomb? Will you buy them for me? My birthday is June 19th. Thanks for reading...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Madd Bananaz: Charitable Fashion

Whenever I find out good information, I make it my business to share it with you guys. This morning at midnight, the new J. Dilla Tribute T-Shirt and mixtape became officially available for sale on the MaddBananaz website. In case you don't know, Madd Bananaz is a West Coast inspired clothing company in Houston, TX. Dig this, the shirts along with crew neck sweatshirts are not only affordable, but $5 from each sale will benefit the Alliance for Lupus Research. I happen to love the design of the shirt and I can see a hot guy wearing it with a cardigan while on a date with me. Ahhh, enough of my fantasy...

The reason why I think you should consider making this purchase is because not only will you or a loved one look fly in the shirt, but you'll have great music to listen to as well. As a Public Relations major, I must applaud what the guys over at MaddBananaz are doing. I recall learning that one of the best ways to push a product is to have a cause attached to it. I am positive that the mixtape and shirt sales will benefit from the amazing opportunity that customers have to help fund Lupus research. I urge you to support good music and a great cause.

If you'd like to make this amazing purchase, click here. If you're not yet willing to purchase the shirt, you can still download the mixtape for FREE here. It's an offer you can't refuse!

Feel free to follow the company on twitter @MaddBananaz or check out their blog for further information.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's Your Type?

We've all heard or said the phrase "They're not my type" or something of the sort. Up until recently, I've been reluctant to even admit to having a type. I'm sure that many others think similarly. I've suddenly realized that I was only looking at having a "type" from a physical perspective. Although I prefer taller guy, I've been known to take a chance with a shorty or two. I don't discriminate by limiting myself to men of my ethnicity, either. With these facts considered, I believed that I did not have a "type" but I've grown older and wiser. I am now certain that it's impossible to date without a specific type. Your type may not include physical attributes, but it definitely exists and considers other traits. I'd like to relate the possibly overused "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything..."quote to prove my point. You wouldn't date just anyone, would you? Exactly. There are certain things that turn you off and will prohibit you from pursuing a relationship with some people. Therefore, you have a type.

While my physical type varies, I've learned that if I can't wear 4 inch heels without towering over a guy it will not work. My intellective type is most prominent. My ideal guy is goal oriented, but not too stern. Intelligence and conversation is key. If I think that I am smarter than a guy, it will not work. I must be able to learn from him for that builds respect. I recall tutoring my crushes in the past. I've edited essays and let guys copy from my paper in order to impress them. I've since realized that I shouldn't have to impress anyone. If I feel the need to try to impress you, you're not my type. We just need to get along, plain and simple. My type is the type that meshes well with the natural me and likes it for some odd reason. Hey if you fit the above listed bill and you are at least 23 years old, feel free to submit an application because they are definitely being accepted at the moment. Just kidding ;-).

Anyway, you now know my type whether you wanted to or not. What's your type? What's more important, looks or personality? Would you date someone that you thought was dumb? What qualities should your ideal mate possess? Hmmm.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So there's this guy...

And his name is Caleb O. You can tell that he's quite the looker just by glancing at the picture to the left. I met him a little over a month ago while participating in a fashion show at my school and I've since become intrigued. Caleb is a 24 year old single, math teacher that lives in Long Beach, California. Dig this, Caleb keeps his nails clean and trimmed. That's a major plus, ladies! He also dabbles in the world of modeling and in my book, he's a super model. Don't ask me why you're presently reading a blog about this man because I probably won't be able to give you a valid reason. I just wanted to share his beauty that's all. Now if you're anything like me, you're interested in learning more about Caleb and possibly booking him for a modeling gig so I'd suggest following him on twitter @calebswo.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's Go to Barneys to See Christian!

So my birthday is on June 19th and last year I got the most amazing pair of Christian Louboutin Alta Dama pumps from my parents. I kid you not, I've worn the shoes maybe five times since then and they're like my most prized possession. I've since promised myself that luxuries like this are mandatory. Every girl (that wants to) should know what it feels like to put on a pair of Loubou's. I swear that I feel like a million bucks once they're on and they make the simplest outfit pop! This year, I will get another pair even it kills me. My parents have created a monster and I'm currently working my butt off and saving for my second pair... In the meantime, check out these fab shoes that can all be found at Barneys New York.

Pictured to the left is the awesome Christian Louboutin Coussin caged ankle bootie. I'm thinking of one word, WOW! The shoes are so sexy and edgy. So whenever you've got a spare $1600, pick me up a pair in a size 36. I'd prefer them in the peanut butter brownish color. I was unable to get a picture of them so just visit Barneys' web page to check them out!

Next up we're checking out the black Alta Spritney, also by Christian Louboutin. These will cost you about $900. And as the post suggests, they can also be purchased on the Barneys website.

Lastly, these Maggie pumps are sent from heaven. I've seen celebs such as Victoria Beckham rocking them and they're super cute! The pumps oh so classy and they're moderately priced at $930. If you wanna purchase them head on over to Barneys.

What are your thoughts? Are these shoes worth splurging or what? And which pair is your fave?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Top Notch Entertainment Presents...

Anybody who knows me, knows that I listen to very little rap music and like very few hip hop artists. With this as the case, I've been reluctant to post any rap related blogs. Up until now that is! I'm sharing a video by Young Magic (YM) and I share this video with you for two reasons. One being the fact that it's pretty cool and even with the excess amount of rappers in the Los Angeles area, YM seems to shine. The second reason is that it was directed by Ramses Perryman. Ramses and I attended school together at one point and he is a good friend of mine. I recall having a conversation with Ramses about our goals for the future and I must admit that when he said he wanted to direct films, I was leery. I was inclined to think about how difficult it would be for him to break into the competitive industry, but had not once thought that maybe he possessed natural talent. It's sad how we doubt others based off of our own fears. Shame on me because after watching this video I see that his work is beyond industry quality and it definitely makes me give YM's song a listen. Again, I'm no rap expert but this video is better than many others that I've seen. Enough of my rambling... Peep the video below!

embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/j0VaQbyZyAU" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="425" height="344">

To find out more about YM and his music feel free to visit his MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/YoungMagic
or follow him on twitter: @YMLegend

To get in contact with Ramses to praise him for his awesome directorial skills you can also follow him @RPerryman.

What are your thoughts about the video?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Album Review: Usher's Raymond v. Raymond

No lie, I feel like I have the absolute best taste in music so the following review should be looked at with high regards. Although Usher's latest album, Raymond v. Raymond, will be in stores on March 30th, I was able to listen to it beforehand because I'm media (LoL)...

Usher's sixth studio album, Raymond vs. Raymond, is automatically expected to top 2004's Confessions after his last album, Here I Stand, failed to do so based on album sales. Luckily, Usher's two singles "Daddy's Home" and "Lil Freak" featuring rapper Nicki Minaj have already created a noteworthy buzz for the album. All are wondering if Usher is "back" after critics and fans alike cited his marriage to Tameka Foster as a reason for his last album's lack of success. (Quite frankly, that's the dumbest crap I've ever heard. A true fan would buy an album regardless of whether the artist is single or not. Here I Stand had plenty of great songs and should have sold way more albums. But this post isn't about that album, now is it?) Raymond v. Raymond has four standout tracks, one of which is the single "Daddy's Home" while the others are the controversial "Papers," the melodic "There Goes My Baby" and "Guilty" featuring T.I. If "Guilty" is not the next single, I'd be extremely surprised because it is hands down the best song on the entire album. It tells the tale of a woman's assumptions in a relationship leaving the man "guilty as charged" with or without actual proof. The song has a nice play on words and seeing as though it features a rapper that has recently been released from prison, I just know it would do well on the charts. Have Usher's people call my people if they need any PR assistance in this matter!

Others have been raving about the song "OMG" featuring Will.I.Am and how Usher's label should push it as the next single. Although I disagree, I think the song is decent. As far as other good songs on the album, "Mars vs Venus" and "Foolin' Around" get honorable mentions. I genuinely enjoy these songs and I'm sure others will too. To answer the question that all may have, Raymond v. Raymond DOES NOT top Confessions, but no album that Usher does ever will as far I can predict. That album may very well be his career highlight, but that should take nothing away from this latest effort. The state of the music industry just sucks right now because albums aren't selling thanks to piracy. I do hope that Usher gets the shine he deserves though because this album is pretty good.

The album is worth purchasing so please visit Usher's official website to pre-order the album and receive instant MP3s: www.usherworld.com/home

I previously provided a link to DOWNLOAD my favorite song from the album, "Guilty", for your listening pleasure BUT had to take it down to avoid copyright infringement... Spread the word about Usher's album though... I hope you've enjoyed this review. What are your thoughts? Is Usher back?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Road to Success. . .

is often a long and lonely one.

After speaking with a dear friend today, I felt obligated to write a post. She made a comment to me about not knowing what to do with her life and I was immediately intrigued. I asked her what she meant by that and she simply replied "I've been out of high school for five years and I'm not where I'm supposed to be." That sentence alone caused me to create this post. Do you believe that you are where you are "supposed to be" in life? Your answer to this question is more than likely "no" because we as humans tend to never be completely satisfied. I consider the American Dream to be the perfect example of this concept. Prosperity is what is sought as we continue on this journey that is commonly known as life. Even with this as the case, I could not help but be bothered by my friend's view on her life.

I may not be the most overtly religious person, but I know that God has a plan for each of us and we are right where He wants us to be. Often times, the path that we set for ourselves does not directly match up with the plan that God has. This may be the cause of some of this stress that we often encounter. I, for one, know that many of my problems are ones that I've caused. I don't desire to make this a diary entry with my personal issues exposed, but I do wish to let YOU know that you should never feel lost in life. These overinflated expectations that we have for our lives are a result of the media. We are often too busy trying to keep up with the Jones' and stay fly to have whatever type of images appeals to the masses. I encourage you to write down a list of goals, both short-term and long-term, for your life. Then write down a plan of action so that you will be able to reach these goals. Too many of us fail to plan yet we plan to succeed. It just doesn't add up. It may take longer for you to reach your goals than it does for those around you, but you should not be paying attention to others. This journey is yours and your alone.

Let me know if you agree or disagree with my thoughts... I love to receive feedback and healthy debates are always nice. Do you believe that you are where you need to be? Why or why not? Should people compare themselves with others to determine their level of success?

I leave you with this great quote that I found online

"Success often comes to those who have the aptitude to see way down the road." Laing Burns, Jr.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why We Settle For Bad Romances...

While listening to the radio, I happened to finally listen to the lyrics from Lady Gaga's hit single, "Bad Romance." I never really paid attention to the song before today, but it's pretty catchy. As the song went off, I began to think about the idea of a bad romance and what it means to me. Lady Gaga says "I want your love, I want your revenge. I want your love, I don't wanna be friends." and it totally struck a chord. We often ignore signs that would normally steer us away from an individual that may not be right for us because we dread being alone. OK, you're probably thinking

Why did Alex think so hard from simply listening to a Lady Gaga song?

and you're right for questioning my thinking, but I have a point. I mean, take a listen to Melanie Fiona's "And It Kills Me" when she sings "But I can't be alone, I need you to come on home. I know you're messing around, but who the hell else is gonna hold me down?" THIS HAS TO BE THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!

I must admit, it's usually women that settle and make these sacrifices. Why is that? Are we that unhappy being single? Why do women seem to be so emotionally unstable and downright stupid for putting up with nonsense just to remain in a relationship. I'm honestly not equipped to do this, if I catch a guy in a lie or suspect foul play then it's a wrap! I'm not suggesting that people start thinking like me because I have serious trust issues, but use some common sense when it comes to relationships. Geez Louise! Heres some advice: If someone is lying to you, playing games with your emotions or just plain not treating you the way you treat them, it's time to let it burn. What are your thoughts?

Hmmmm. Do you still want to write a bad romance?

Why Aren't We in the Kitchen?

After speaking with a friend, I've come to the conclusion that I do not know very many females my age that cook on a regular basis if at all. I'm 22 years old and I cook pretty often seeing as though I live alone and need to save money. If I don't cook dinner then I'd need to eat out at least twice daily and that can be extremely expensive. That's it. That's why I cook! It's honestly the only reason I cook so I can't act holier than thou. I will be making candied yams for the first time tonight so wish me luck! Cooking is a learning process for me and I'm beginning to enjoy it more. I met a guy and he had a great philosophy for he looks at cooking as an art form. He compares his dishes to works of art that he enjoys creating. I haven't quite gotten to this point yet, but hey. I must admit that if I had the means or a schedule that would allow me to dine out daily, I probably would. But what about you or those you know?

After doing a little field research I've noticed that women want to be wined and dined while being courted. This is fine and dandy, but how long should this last? Doesn't everyone want to stay at home and have dinner while watching movies or something? We've all heard the saying

"The best way to a man's heart is through his stomach..."

yet some refuse to cook. Is it because women have gotten lazy over the years? Are men no longer worthy of us slaving in the kitchen? Have societal roles changed that much? Granted, women no longer have to be extremely submissive and are often the ones bringing home the bacon but is a home cooked meal every once in a while too much to ask? Women complain that there are no "good men" around but in the event that we find one, will we be prepared? Cooking is an essential part of life and if you desire to get married and have children one day, I suggest that you start practicing now. If you ask me, some of this obesity is directly related to the lack of cooking that exists nowadays. I know women with children who buy fast food each day for some type of convenience. This is getting out of control! What are your thoughts?

Maybe I'm just old fashioned...

Friday, February 19, 2010

A Change Is Gonna Come

Hey Ya'll,

Once again time has flown and it's been a while since my last post. I'm sure you weren't checking daily for updates or anything, but it is my dream that one day people will be. I don't desire to be a popular blogger for I consider myself a journalist. I hope that I will be able to use this site for practice and possibly build a network through it. If I'm learning anything while majoring in the field of Communications, it's that it's not WHAT you know, it's WHO you know! I titled this post "A Change Is Gonna Come" because I truly believe that changes will be happening in my life. I hope you noticed and enjoyed the banner I put up. Also, check out my logo pictured above. Isn't it lovely? It's courtesy of Hilltop Consulting and I'm extremely thankful. I'm one step closer to being "official." Whatever that means...

I will be updating the site more often so stay tuned... I'm currently working on a research paper about the lack of African American families shown on primetime television. Let me know your thoughts. I think it's a brilliant topic and I look forward to doing the research! Do you think that there are any television shows that depict African Americans is a good light?