Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why I Created this Blog-A-Zine...

Hello All:

I, Alexandria, am a current college student with a bunch of crap on my plate at the moment. My career goal is and has always been to become a broadcast journalist but with the world working how it does, it's always best to wear more than one hat. I've been looking into the field of Public Relations as well so we'll see. In the meantime, I've been making ends meet with my "desk job" while satisfying my journalistic craving by writing for other people's magazines and all that good stuff. When it comes to working for and with other people, I've learned that it can be complicated. Deadlines are extremely important and when rushed I never put forth my best effort. With this as the case, an e-magazine type of thingy is a much better option for me. With no deadline or due dates, I am free to cover what I want and not have my work edited until it is no longer what I intended it to be.

I am hereby stating that if someone isn't issuing checks with my name on it, then they have no right to irk my nerves!

At the suggestion of a co-worker, Leslie, I am starting my own magazine; An e-magazine! It's actually more like a blog right? Whatever the case, this blog/magazine is one that will be extremely cost effective seeing as though it's free for me to do. = )  So here's the deal! I will write and hope that you will read and enjoy my thoughts. I will mainly focus on things and people that interest me most. These things include but are most definitely NOT limited to music (Sammie, Brutha, Brandy, India Arie and many more), food, fashion and anything else that I deem entertaining. I guess will start ya'll off with a few music tidbits that I did this week that will not be published any place else seeing as though I "missed the deadline"....


Alexandria aka Alex

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