Monday, September 6, 2010


Hello there. I just wanted to go ahead and thank those of you that take the time out to read my posts and have subscribed to this blog. I appreciate it more than you know. An old friend from high school happened to find me because of the site so I'm extremely excited about that as well. Oh and do you see my new headshot that was taken by Stella Simona? I love it. Now let me get to the topic at hand. I am a very opinionated person. If I feel some type of way about an issue, I will give my opinion as long as I am not being rude about it. I rarely feel the need to "go off" on people, but this Saturday I was tempted to do so. After helping a non-business man with his event, I happened to meet a very obnoxious short guy that I have had previous conversation with via a BlackBerry Messenger group. I repeat, BlackBerry Messenger. This means that I had never once heard this man's voice yet I already felt a sense of disdain for him because his participation in those group conversations was nothing more than ignorance. Anyway the conversation was simple at first but somehow escalated to him putting his hands in my face and physically touching my hand. Ummmmm. Excuse me?

I don't like when people do either of those things especially when the person is a male. The non-business man decided that he should jump in and help the situation by questioning why we were arguing. I simply let him know that the other guy's hands had no business on me or in my face. He then decides to call me sensitive, uptight, and too reserved among other words that led those surrounding us to think that I was a prude. This immediately reminded me of earlier that evening when the non-business man got behind me and danced. I not only asked him to move, but I had a disgusted look on my face. Call me crazy, but I am uninterested in dancing with people that I'm not attracted to. Nor do I like people dancing behind me in a sexual manner. It's just not my cup of tea. Wait, I just got sidetracked, allow me to get back to the story. After the non-business man told everyone that I was too reserved, he made a bold statement. "I don't even think Alex likes men." He didn't get the response that he was looking for so he decided to repeat himself numerous times. Needless to say, I was utterly annoyed by both of these fools.

Seriously, just because a woman doesn't like a guy does that give him the right to question her sexuality? I didn't decide to write this post based off this one event. I have been called gay or had my sexuality questioned on numerous occasions. I can truthfully say that I am reserved and what some may call a prude, but I have never once been attracted to a woman. There is nothing wrong with being homosexual, don't get me wrong. But I am sick and tired of lame men trying to validate themselves by speaking negatively about others. Dear non-business man, a female is not gay simply because she is not interested in you and your antics. Get it together!

What are your thoughts? Has something like this ever happened to you?

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.


  1. Wow, sorry to hear that this happened to you. Sounds like you were surrounded by two assholes who were never taught that "no means no." I don't like being touched by strangers either, so I can see how that would be annoying.

    I've never had anyone tell me to my face that they thought I was gay (they probably weren't bold enough), but I do get funny looks from guys because I'm not super flirtatious like other women they may be accustomed to. I think some men in society have distorted views and they think any woman who isn't thrilled about being sexually harassed by them must be gay. It's not you, that's just what they have to tell themselves to soothe their egos.

  2. Thanks for reading. I totally agree with your comment.The overly flirtatious women mess it up for the rest of us. And some men need to get it together.

  3. Girl!!!!!!!!!!! No he didn't!!!!!!(In my homegirl voice) I hate when guys do this! This happened to me once. I went off! I answered, "No, I'm not a lesbian. Oh, and here's why I WON'T go out with you (insert long list of triflingness)" It just makes the guy seem so conceited, like they are so perfect that the only reason we must not want them is because we like women. NOT! And then the whole touching thing? BIG NO NO. Especially the face, no no no nononononononononononononono! But yeah, don't let it get you down!

  4. Ugh! I get that stupid question all the time and it's frustrating. Just because i'm not "into you" doesnt mean i'm gay... it could just mean you're not my type... God forbid i guess...


  5. GIRL. Please go let that insecure fool go SADDOWN somewhere. A woman is not gay just because she's not into your WHACK AZZ! Ugh. Dudes can be so insecure sometimes and try to belittle you because you don't go for the okey doke.

    I've been called "uptight," "prude," and more of the sort. One dude actually got all bent out of shape one night because I didn't want to drink! Really?! Am I ruining YOUR fun because I don't want a drink right now? Did I tell YOU not to drink? Then what's your beef? O_O

    This situation was that fools issue. Not yours. Keep it pushing. He has NO RIGHT IN ANY CIRCUMSTANCE TO FEEL JUSTIFIED IN PUTTING HIS HANDS ON YOU. At all. Please.

    (an uptight) Brownngirl

  6. Too many men are letting those videos go to there heads. And not only that he was just 'hatin'. He has been shut down so many times he probably uses that with all his rejected offers.

  7. I don't understand why mad dudes are so aggressive,I've never disrespected peoples personal space,I don't like people all in my face or being touch so I sure wouldn't do something to someone I don't like myself.

  8. Some men just don' get they.