Thursday, June 30, 2011

I went to the 2011 BET Awards...

Nicki Minaj, myself and a bunch of other "barbies" LoL
I'm just now finding time to post about my experience at this year's BET Awards. Not only was I lucky enough to attend, I got paid to go on stage and pretend to be one of Nicki Minaj's "Barbies" so I got to see quite a few celebrities face-to-face. I felt pretty lucky to be one of the ten young ladies chosen and I got recognized by tons of people that I know even though I was wearing a wig. Woop Woop! Moving on, this post won't be long. When I was in the presence of the celebrities that attended the event, I realized that I have a lot of pride. Something in me didn't feel comfortable asking for photos or anything of the sort. I have to really like someone to be thirsty enough to do that. Needless to say I don't have many photos from the awards to share.

I was thirsty enough to ask recording artist, Dondria for a photo though, LoL. Don't judge me, I've loved her for years! I simply wanted to take a photo of her and she and her pal let me be in the picture. I was beyond excited! Even though I only interacted with her for approximately 30 seconds, that brief moment confirmed why I'm such a huge fan of hers. She's super nice and ridiculously under-rated! Folks need to stop sleeping on her music. I swear her song "Still Be With Me" is one of my favorite R&B tracks of all time. Be sure to follow her on twitter to stay informed about what's going on with her and whatnot.

I was also able to get a photograph with Bruno Mars that I was tempted not to post because I look like a goofball in it. I don't have a super cool story to tell about him, but he was nice and his hands were very soft.  = ) Prior to the awards a young lady asked to take a photo with me and some of the other girls that were going to present the award with Nicki Minaj. Little did we know that girl, Tiffany Greene, would become an overnight celebrity after a technical error caused her to announce both Chris Brown and Rihanna as the winner of BET's  Coca Cola Viewer's Choice Award. Since she's "famous" now I decided to share that picture with you guys as well.

These are about the only photos I have worth sharing. I also took a photo of J. Cole, but it came out blurry. Kerry Washington also posed for a photo but my wack phone wouldn't cooperate. Again, I'm really grateful that I was able to attend this awards show. I recently learned that #TeamMinaj is really serious when it comes to being hardcore fans and there are thousands of people that would have given their left pinky toe to stand on stage with Nicki Minaj and/or Justin Bieber. If you'd like to see a clip of the award that we were on stage for click here.  That's about all for this post. I'll get back to blogging regularly in the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.


  1. Aww I bet this was such a cool experience! And that dress was to die for darling!

  2. go YOU! lol I love your dress, and hair looks very nice :) The whole confusion with the award was so embarrassing, I covered my face watching it!! X

  3. That is too awesome that you got to go the BET Awards! Looks like you had a great time!

    Go girl!!!

    -Nicole Alicia

  4. nice outfits in those pics! You look like you had fun!!!!!!!!

  5. lucky lucky lucky! hehe... awesome blog, thanks for stopping by :)


  6. YAY Alex!! I'm happy 4 you girl!! You look like you had lots of fun!! Lovin the dress also! ~~ Miss Trish ~~

  7. Alex u look like u had a great time. U are fly, beautiful and intelligent, that's why u are my H.B.O!