Saturday, August 29, 2009

Are You Obsessed With Blogs?

Ok so I haven't written a "blog" since April but I sit here babysitting on a Saturday night excited at the simple fact that I have internet access = ). I'd like to take the time out to address society's obsession with blogs. I know that me and people I know are valid examples of how people can be so concerned with the lives of famous people that they limit the potential for their own.,, and lastly, the most negative site in the world, are all among the sites that many seem to visit on a daily basis. Why? To see what celebrity was wearing what and where they were... Or if you're anything like me, to get the latest free music downloads. Is this an obsession? Is it really necessary to see Ciara shopping 82 times per week or to get a glimpse of Nas & Kelis' court documents? Why are these thing relevant when they are not even our business? Are the same people that you comment on pictures of or are quick to criticize are those making money while you're sitting at home simply checking up on them via internet blogs. Are you the reason that paparazzi are able to make a living by invading people's privacy? I'm sure that you know the answer to all of these questions...

I wanted to keep this post as brief as possile seeing as though not many people will read it. I just had to get a few thoughts out on paper or shall I say typed online. I have nothing against blogs and I think that they're the cheapest form of marketing/publicity. As a future public relations practitioner, I study topics like this and my findings intrigue me more and more each day. I think it's just as important to visit as it is to visit Actually, it's 8000% more important to catch up on the latest news! But will that change the websites you frequent? Probably not, but the next time you find yourself indulging in gossip or about to leave one of those nasty comments, think of Alex (me duh).

Thanks for reading and don't be too shy to comment; I encourage feedback. I'd like to know that someone's reading so this won't be like my private online diary... lol...


  1. Our fascination with celebrity gossip? Hmmm maybe because we get to see the quote, unquote "fabulous" people sometimes at their worse and were realize that they're just like us? Let me stop, I'm just nosy. If it's there I'm gonna read it. I like soap operas so I like other people's drama even more. Yikes! Sad, I know. Can I just blame the media? LOL