Sunday, August 22, 2010

What Do You Deserve?

This post will be short. I have so many things that I'd like to write about but I will opt not to do so because at this point they seem like complaints. I am making a conscious effort to stop complaining so wish me luck. I did, however, want to touch on something that I think is extremely important. How many of us live lives that we want to change? How many of us want more than what we have now? How many of us know that we deserve so much more? I'm assuming that most of us have these thoughts but I question whether or not we're working hard enough to get what we think we deserve.

Yesterday I went jogging/walking with a friend and I must say that I worked out more than my legs. My brain probably had the biggest work out of all my muscles. We were walking in the View Park area of Los Angeles and there were plenty of beautiful houses along the trail. She and I began acting like children and picking and choosing which houses were ours while imagining our families living there. It may sound silly, but it was a huge eye opener. How many people played this type of game as children, but grew up and never got to see the house of our dreams? How many of us are settling? In all of my daydreaming yesterday, I never once imagined myself in one of these nice homes by myself. I kept mentioning my imaginary husband and future kid(s). That's how life is supposed to be. You know, the praiseworthy American Dream that was once sought after? Why have so many people given up on it and decided to have multiple children out of wedlock? Why do we want more for ourselves, but do nothing to get it? These are questions that I do not have the answer to. I do not expect you to know the answer either but ponder if you will.

I have a couple of questions that you should know the answer to. What do you deserve? What are you doing to get it? I hope you have started to work toward what you desire as opposed to sitting around dreaming about it. I will do all that is within my power to accomplish, both, my career and personal goals. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be a reporter. I want and deserve a nuclear family that lives in a house like the ones we saw yesterday. Remember, there is one difference between us and the people who have the things we want. They figured out a way to get it. I challenge you to develop a plan. Set some goals and feel free to share them with me. Let's get to work people!

Thanks for reading,

Alexandria B.


  1. Everyone thinks I complain on my blog. Its not complaining, it expressing to me. Great post. We all did the big house game, and I think alot of people settling for things. I think you will be an amazing reporter. Hands down, great post!

    im set to leave for my first year of college in 2 weeks and i've come to the conclusion that i deserve better in some circumstances, starting with the relationship i have with a guy friend who has been basically stringing me along.(i've learned, believe me i have) when you begin with the small changes, you'll soon move on to the bigger things. . .just taking one step at a time. thanks though.this was much needed.

  3. Ok, stop. My friend and I play the "that's my house" game, way too much! But I know what I want and deserve and finally I've developed a plan to get it. I see and work with so many people who have settled and I shake my head, hoping that that never becomes me. Maybe people are choosing the easy way out instead of fighting and working hard for what they want. Love this post!!!

  4. Oh wow..This is an interesting post. I am definitely at that point where I want more and I'm doing what it takes to get it. This is funny that you posted this. I was talking to my douche bag ex-boyfriend and I was just saying to him that all the things that I've been through it's got to pay off. My pay off has to come and he laughs and says "oh what you mean you want the house, two kids, and a dog" and I just looked at him in disgust like did he just say that to me like I don't deserve it?? So you belittle my dreams because you're miserable?? (venting lol). Sometime you have to just say enough is enough and you have to make the choice to move one and do better. I play the house game via the internet. I look up houses and dream about the real love of my life and our kids and yes the dog. I deserve it! Not because I've been through a lot but because as a American we deserve that American Dream and when you come from a home where the American Dream has been recognized and dreamed you want that and more! Great Post and I love your Blog and YouTube Channel. The Sky is the Limit and when you work hard to get what you want you deserve that and more!

  5. Damn this post is on point. Get it girl!


    I feel like I deserve the world and everything in it. F*ck that, everything in and around it. That's why I'm always planning for my future and not settling for bullsh*t in the meantime. This isn't arrogance or cockiness. It's just honesty.

  6. Lovely post...and message is straight forward. Best way to make your dreams come to wake up!

  7. Oh wow. I'm shocked and excited about how many people enjoyed this post. Now here's the time to respond to each individual comment:

    @ Moya2Bean- I love your blog. You don't have just one topic in a post, you mention a lot of stuff in one. I love that! Thanks so much for reading and commenting on my future career. = )

    @Maizie Nicole - Congrats! I remember being in your shoes years ago. Have fun at school and stay focused. You'll develop many new relationships. Be sure to keep me posted. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    @MizSerious aka my e-bff Melinda (lol)- Hahaha, it's a really fun game. It's a great way to exercise one's imagination. I'm with you 100%. I can't wait til we're writing about how our plans are unfolding just the way we wanted them to. I'll stay tuned!

    @Nic Harmon- I woulda wanted to slap the crap outta that ex. LoL. He's an ex for a reason! You deserve what you mentioned and so much more. Thanks for watching our YouTube videos and reading this blog. It's greatly appreciated!

    @Alee - I feel you. Not enough people think that way!

    Lastly, @ blogoratti - Thanks for reading... I love your blog as well. Makes me wanna step my music game up. Wake up, eh? I'm diggin that. = )

  8. I really love that you motivate people to chase dreams. it's something I stand behind strongly. Listened to a song my friend wrote today (his name is Santos) a piece of the lyric was : "What are you doing right now to be a change? Co-create your reality, transform your mentality."


    We all deserve to be happy.