Saturday, October 16, 2010

Wise Individuals Revolutionizing Everything

It's not often that I look at a person's clothing line and immediately want to purchase an item. I guess you can say that I'm one of those rare women that don't love to shop for clothing. Shoes? Now that's another story. Anyway, I came across this commercial that reminded me of myself so I just had to share.

I know that I'm one of many people that hate waking up early in the morning. My dream job is one that enables me to wake up late and work during the evening because I have no issue staying up late. Anyway, I've noticed that when I have a really cute outfit to wear or I wanna look pretty and put make-up on, it's much easier for me to get up in the morning. It's like I have much more energy when it's time to look cute. It's crazy how that works.

Below you'll be able to peep the commercial that I'm so eager to share. It's for W.I.R.E., a clothing line that does more than provide cute clothing. Many of the items that W.I.R.E. offers are both inspirational and stylish. I could see guys that I know wearing these shirts and I especially love the message that the company send to us consumers. Without further ado, here is the darn commercial!

Wasn't that an awesome commercial? In my opinion, a handsome guy with muscles and a pretty smile is the perfect way to market any product! LoL.. Seriously though, go to to find out more about W.I.R.E. and click here to shop for their clothing.