Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Review: BET's Harlem Heights

At a time when reality television is everything but real, BET has premiered Harlem Heights. The series follows the lives of eight “successful” African American 20-somethings living in New York’s legendary Harlem neighborhood. I personally saw only two or three of the cast-mates at work so I’m not so sure if these cast members/ characters should be perceived as successful as the show makes them appear.

As I do with many shows, I’ve picked my favorite cast members early on. All of the men seem decent especially Pierre and Christian. Jason, the short light-skinned guy, may be keeping it too real with his constant Harlem repping BUT he has an enjoyable parenting style! The women are the show’s source of drama and fakeness with cliques already established in the first two episodes. Briana, the brown skinned “fashionista” below, is by far the most ridiculous instigating female I’ve seen on my television screen yet.


Overall, I wouldn’t rush home on Monday nights to catch Harlem Nights but I would gaze at the show during times of leisure. BET’s response to popular MTV shows like The Hills and The City is no competition but it is definitely good to see African Americans in a more positive light. What are your thoughts? Did you watch the show? Check out another photo of the entire cast from the premiere party that was held at the Apollo Theatre last night below. Be sure to visit BET.com for more information about the show...


  1. Welp...u know my tv hasnt turned to BET since AJ and Free were telling me which were the top 10 videos of the day...this show just isnt my typical type

  2. lol @ "my typical type"

    he so smart!