Thursday, March 19, 2009

Music: Kid Cudi Retires???

As I was doing my daily internet browsing I ran across an interesting story... According to his own blog, newcomer Kid Cudi does not plan to release any more solo albums after his debut this summer. The reason for this is that he has chosen to "fall back" on being an artist due to the overwhelming circumstances fame has caused. The MC, best known for hit current hit single "Day N Nite," plans to release a collaboration album with someone named Chip, but it will be his last studio recording. Seeing as though I'm not THE biggest rap fan, I have no clue who Chip is or if their album would sell. Whatever the case, I just thought that this was rather thought-provoking when one considers all the people trying to get into the music business. You may be thinking that so many others would kill for this opportunity... And he's just gonna up and quit?

I had these thoughts at first and then I read further into his blog. I then thought about the state of the music industry and now I couldn't be happier for the man. I mean, records aren't selling and artists only make money on tour and at other random events. He goes on to state that he'll begin focusing on a career in acting and I wish him the best of luck because he sure did a great job in Solange's "T.O.N.Y." video. According to the MC, he will begin shooting an HBO series this August so I'm sure fans are looking forward to that. For your viewing pleasure (actually it's my pleasure) peep one last picture of him looking super bomb below. Also, be sure to read his blog in its entirety by visiting

(damn, damn, damn)

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