Monday, March 23, 2009

Gossip: Omarion Bisexual Stripper???

Rumor has it that the former B2K lead singer Omari Grandberry, best known as Omarion, secretly got married nearly a year ago. Seeing as though he has been off-the-scene for quite some time, this news is not extremely hard to believe. The lucky lady does, however, cause a little confusion. Reports claim that the woman, who is pictured with the singer to the left, formerly worked as a stripper at the popular Atlanta club, Magic City. This isn't the typical girl you'd bring home to Mama, but who are we to judge? Dig this, she is also reported to be a lesbian. Hmmm.... Kanye isn't the only one with an interesting taste in women!

Anyway, Omarion's alleged wife is featured on Magic City's website so be sure to click the link below to view. What do you think? Would Omarion really wed a much taller and controversial young lady?

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  1. for 2 dikes that look christina milian-like? ill be on time for that