Monday, March 15, 2010

Album Review: Usher's Raymond v. Raymond

No lie, I feel like I have the absolute best taste in music so the following review should be looked at with high regards. Although Usher's latest album, Raymond v. Raymond, will be in stores on March 30th, I was able to listen to it beforehand because I'm media (LoL)...

Usher's sixth studio album, Raymond vs. Raymond, is automatically expected to top 2004's Confessions after his last album, Here I Stand, failed to do so based on album sales. Luckily, Usher's two singles "Daddy's Home" and "Lil Freak" featuring rapper Nicki Minaj have already created a noteworthy buzz for the album. All are wondering if Usher is "back" after critics and fans alike cited his marriage to Tameka Foster as a reason for his last album's lack of success. (Quite frankly, that's the dumbest crap I've ever heard. A true fan would buy an album regardless of whether the artist is single or not. Here I Stand had plenty of great songs and should have sold way more albums. But this post isn't about that album, now is it?) Raymond v. Raymond has four standout tracks, one of which is the single "Daddy's Home" while the others are the controversial "Papers," the melodic "There Goes My Baby" and "Guilty" featuring T.I. If "Guilty" is not the next single, I'd be extremely surprised because it is hands down the best song on the entire album. It tells the tale of a woman's assumptions in a relationship leaving the man "guilty as charged" with or without actual proof. The song has a nice play on words and seeing as though it features a rapper that has recently been released from prison, I just know it would do well on the charts. Have Usher's people call my people if they need any PR assistance in this matter!

Others have been raving about the song "OMG" featuring Will.I.Am and how Usher's label should push it as the next single. Although I disagree, I think the song is decent. As far as other good songs on the album, "Mars vs Venus" and "Foolin' Around" get honorable mentions. I genuinely enjoy these songs and I'm sure others will too. To answer the question that all may have, Raymond v. Raymond DOES NOT top Confessions, but no album that Usher does ever will as far I can predict. That album may very well be his career highlight, but that should take nothing away from this latest effort. The state of the music industry just sucks right now because albums aren't selling thanks to piracy. I do hope that Usher gets the shine he deserves though because this album is pretty good.

The album is worth purchasing so please visit Usher's official website to pre-order the album and receive instant MP3s:

I previously provided a link to DOWNLOAD my favorite song from the album, "Guilty", for your listening pleasure BUT had to take it down to avoid copyright infringement... Spread the word about Usher's album though... I hope you've enjoyed this review. What are your thoughts? Is Usher back?


  1. I'm gonna look into this album Alex, cuz... you like Keke Wyatt, so I think you have good taste in music. lol

  2. Did you like the song available for download??? It jams!!! It better be the next single!

  3. I'm looking forward to this album (quite honestly, I didn't know it would be out so soon). I'm a HUGE Usher fan (although I'm discouraged that he's performing at San Manuel Casino on April 8th). But back to the blog review...GREAT!

    I will most definitely be buying the album, as I always do. Thanks :)

  4. Alisha,
    Thanks for reading! And WHAT?!!?!?! He's performing at a casino? Argh... What has the world come to? LoL... Welp, at least he's for sure gonna get a check!


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