Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What's Your Type?

We've all heard or said the phrase "They're not my type" or something of the sort. Up until recently, I've been reluctant to even admit to having a type. I'm sure that many others think similarly. I've suddenly realized that I was only looking at having a "type" from a physical perspective. Although I prefer taller guy, I've been known to take a chance with a shorty or two. I don't discriminate by limiting myself to men of my ethnicity, either. With these facts considered, I believed that I did not have a "type" but I've grown older and wiser. I am now certain that it's impossible to date without a specific type. Your type may not include physical attributes, but it definitely exists and considers other traits. I'd like to relate the possibly overused "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything..."quote to prove my point. You wouldn't date just anyone, would you? Exactly. There are certain things that turn you off and will prohibit you from pursuing a relationship with some people. Therefore, you have a type.

While my physical type varies, I've learned that if I can't wear 4 inch heels without towering over a guy it will not work. My intellective type is most prominent. My ideal guy is goal oriented, but not too stern. Intelligence and conversation is key. If I think that I am smarter than a guy, it will not work. I must be able to learn from him for that builds respect. I recall tutoring my crushes in the past. I've edited essays and let guys copy from my paper in order to impress them. I've since realized that I shouldn't have to impress anyone. If I feel the need to try to impress you, you're not my type. We just need to get along, plain and simple. My type is the type that meshes well with the natural me and likes it for some odd reason. Hey if you fit the above listed bill and you are at least 23 years old, feel free to submit an application because they are definitely being accepted at the moment. Just kidding ;-).

Anyway, you now know my type whether you wanted to or not. What's your type? What's more important, looks or personality? Would you date someone that you thought was dumb? What qualities should your ideal mate possess? Hmmm.


  1. Yes, we all have types. If you don't then I have to question your standards. My type? Tall, intelligent, can make me laugh, and isn't so nice. I know that sounds weird, but I'm not a "nice" girl and I don't wanna pretend to be one because he's a saint.

  2. We obviously have the same "type" LoL.. I like nice guys too though.

  3. I like nice guys, but I can't date them. I feel like I have to be on my best behavior all the time. It's too much work. lol

  4. great post! ok well the tall thing is something i can definitely agree on I wouldn't feel comfortable walking around with someone shorter than me and i'm about 5'5 so i prefer 5'9 and above =) . i also prefer someone who isn't in the "spotlight" b/c im a pretty private person and don't like everybody in my biz lol and then the basics intellectual, humorous b/c im extremely goofy, romantic and he must love and respect his mother, looks are important but personality keeps you around...(sorry for the mini essay lol)

  5. Good Post Alex, but I'm just saying, as far as having a type you would like is cool, but once you meet that person is that what you get? Yea I go for looks, personality but after that if you can't have a decent conversation with me, you lose points. At 23+ you're supposed to have a certain amount of things "going for you" but i'm not gonna knock you for being in the process of figuring things out. A guy like me, I want to be exposed to who you are and what else is it to you.

  6. oh yea don't forget to check us out!!

  7. @ MizSerious- I feel you girlie, but I kinda want to be on my best behavior, ya know. They say you should find someone that brings out the best in you, right?

    @B.- Thanks for the mini essay, lol. It's very much appreciated. It's safe to say that we have the same type. I kinda like guys that are 6ft and up though. Really wierd seeing as though I'm almost a legal midget. = )

    @Jarrod- I totally get you! I know too many girls that are over 23 and are still tryna use their looks to get ahead. No real goals or anything. I'll definitely go follow @MaddBananaz too! = )


  8. Yeah I want him to bring out the best in me, but I don't wanna have to censor everything I say because he can't take it. Oh and what about the guys that can never make a decision. "What do you wanna do?" "I don't care I'll do what you wanna do." "Why don't you care? Fine. Let's get Chinese." "Ok, I don't care." "But what if I said I want Thai? Would you care?" "No, I'll do what you want." True story which ended with me screaming down the street. lol

  9. I don't think I have a type but I DEFINITELY feel you about the intelligence level thing. Funny thing, I've been told that I have weird facial reactions to stuff and a lot of people are offended by it...so a face to face conversation with someone who just doesn't get it might not work lol. I don't have to be with a super scholar genius, but someone who thinks, reads, and exposes himself to different aspects of life, and not intimidated by my intelligence or confidence.