Friday, March 19, 2010

Let's Go to Barneys to See Christian!

So my birthday is on June 19th and last year I got the most amazing pair of Christian Louboutin Alta Dama pumps from my parents. I kid you not, I've worn the shoes maybe five times since then and they're like my most prized possession. I've since promised myself that luxuries like this are mandatory. Every girl (that wants to) should know what it feels like to put on a pair of Loubou's. I swear that I feel like a million bucks once they're on and they make the simplest outfit pop! This year, I will get another pair even it kills me. My parents have created a monster and I'm currently working my butt off and saving for my second pair... In the meantime, check out these fab shoes that can all be found at Barneys New York.

Pictured to the left is the awesome Christian Louboutin Coussin caged ankle bootie. I'm thinking of one word, WOW! The shoes are so sexy and edgy. So whenever you've got a spare $1600, pick me up a pair in a size 36. I'd prefer them in the peanut butter brownish color. I was unable to get a picture of them so just visit Barneys' web page to check them out!

Next up we're checking out the black Alta Spritney, also by Christian Louboutin. These will cost you about $900. And as the post suggests, they can also be purchased on the Barneys website.

Lastly, these Maggie pumps are sent from heaven. I've seen celebs such as Victoria Beckham rocking them and they're super cute! The pumps oh so classy and they're moderately priced at $930. If you wanna purchase them head on over to Barneys.

What are your thoughts? Are these shoes worth splurging or what? And which pair is your fave?


  1. i would kill for those Maggie pumps.....hella BOMB. Im itching to get a pair in the very near future...HOTT!

  2. The Alta Spritney is Sexy, Sexy. My foot would look goooood in that! Im drooling over all three pair!

  3. thoose shoes are to die for, each one of them!!!!! lol!