Monday, April 12, 2010

Product Placement Like Whoa!!!

I'm a little late in posting this video for Dondria's "You're the One" single but hey... I've been in love with the song for months and I really hope that her album sales are where they need to be for her to be able to release a second one. I first saw Dondria on YouTube years ago and if you go check out her old videos, you'll see that her appearance has changed a lot over time. She's super gorgeous in the video below and I'm loving the glamorous image that SoSoDef is releasing her with. Pay close attention to the caged Louboutin boots (previously featured on WhatAlexWrites) in the opening scene and the Nuvo placement near the end. Now I know that my experience as a Public Relations major is not what's triggering this post. Product placement is SO OBVIOUS in this video. I mean, they're basically the only items in color in the video. I wonder how much they're getting paid to promote Nuvo in the video. And I bet they got those shoes for free. Don't mind me, I'm just hating because I really want those boots. Enough of my rambling, peep the video below:


What are your thoughts? Do you mind the products being placed in the music video? Do you love the song as much as I do? Aren't those boots bomb? Will you buy them for me? My birthday is June 19th. Thanks for reading...

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