Thursday, May 6, 2010


Last Saturday I attended the Communications Department banquet that was hosted at my university. Unfortunately, I caught a bad case of pink eye so I almost didn't go but that's a long story... I definitely had to go because I had previously decided that it was wise for me to apply for two scholarships that would be awarded at the event. One of the scholarships asked that students write a letter to the department chair about the hardships and obstacles faced throughout the process of them trying to attain a degree. The other asked for a little more than a letter, it asked for a resume and letter of recommendation too. This scholarship is in memory of a professor that passed away two years ago, the Donn E. Silvis Memorial Award. As you can see, that award was given to me. Professor Silvis is described to be an exceptional educator and a major reason why our department exists as it does today. With this as the case, I am extremely proud to be the second recipient of this award.

To be honest, I was not expecting to win either award much less the award that required the resume that includes work, school involvement and volunteer experience. I definitely work 40 hours per week and I have done my share of volunteer work, but my involvement at this new school has been minimal for most of my classes are during the evening and I work throughout the day. I explained my lack of school involvement in my personal statement and I am glad that it helped me get this scholarship. Now I didn't decide to post this to brag about getting a scholarship... I wanted to share my thoughts on how we are usually the first to doubt ourselves. I am happy that I decided to not listen to my first mind and instead applied for these scholarships. I am happy that the family of the late Professor Silvis saw my potential and chose me to receive this award. I now encourage you to try something that you've never tried before and I'm sure the results will surprise you. I'm living proof.

Is there something you've always wanted to try, but been afraid of failure? Do tell...


  1. awesome! congrats! im the opposite of you.. i NEVER win anything.. -__- haha

  2. CONGRADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats awesome!

  3. @Katrina... Don't get me confused, I never usually win anything! lol...

    thanks to both of you!

  4. Congratulations! You just encouraged me to at least try for things, because they can either say yes or no. But if I don't at least apply, the answer will most certainly be no. thanks for this, and again, congrats!

  5. I am hella late. but this is a very inspiring story. I believe if i had the same thinking pattern as I do now that I would have got more out of my college experience.

    Self doubt is the worst thing to have. I find myself slipping back into it sometimes and then I tell myself "YOU CAN DO IT"...Keep up the good work and see you at the top!