Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Naturally Beautiful...

It's not often that we read about Janelle Monae or hear her her music on the radio. Why? Perhaps because she chooses to wear tuxedos as opposed to bikinis in her photoshoots. Or maybe because she's just too different. Whatever the case, I thought I'd do a brief write-up while I'm supposed to be hard at work. It seems like females must be naked with their behinds out to get a little recognition in this world. It's just sad. I don't mean to single out Ciara, but that "Ride" video is extremely sexual. And while her body is amazing, is all that necessary? What is she trying to accomplish? I'm not so sure that any musical talent exists in that video at all. Whatever,I'm just one person. What does my opinion matter? I just wanted to highlight the beauty that exists in artists like Janelle Monae and Algebra Blessett. This is beauty that is rarely ever seen because money is put into promoting sexual, depthless projects. It's just sad.

Now the reason I decided to title this post "Naturally Beautiful" is because of the hairstyles that these ladies choose to rock. I've yet to see Janelle or Algebra sporting a lacefront wig or looking superficial. These women are the epitome of genuine in my opinion. I like that. I choose to wear my hair natural as well. Be on the lookout for a natural hair care post in the near future. Don't get me wrong, I'll wear a weave in an effort to maintain my natual hair with no problem. There's nothing wrong with weaves or wigs, but the problem is with how fake you have to look to be "cute" these days. The problem is how people find it hard to see the beauty in their natural hair textures so they spend time and money damaging it. It amazes me. I'm rambling. I love this topic. What are your thoughts though? Am I crazy or to natural-haired beauties get no love in the music industry? And is it just me or do people with natural hair tend to make better music? LoL.

Anyway, if you'd like to find more information about these women feel free to click either of the links below:
Janelle's Official Website or Algebra's MySpace page


  1. she is so beautiful Janelle Monae...its so true..and she can sing so well...its not fair...even Chrisette Michelle is not very known because she doesnt wear skimpy shit...

  2. Also...Ciaras Ride video makes me!!!! I always look down at my belly and roll my!

  3. its crazy that you would write about this...i'm currently transitioning to natural and its been almost a year since i've been wearing weaves so that i can get as much length as possible since i'm dreading the big chop but i think natural hair is absolutely beautiful and its something thats often looked down on in the entertainment industry. Look out for my post on natural hair as well !

  4. true dat @ Moya2bean.... true dat! I miss the old days when music was good and sex appeal wasn't in high demand! and hahahaha. I definitely wanna join a gym though cuz her body is sick! but i just wish it wasn't a staple for her image when it comes to music! i mean, we never seen Anita Baker or Whitney Houston riding a darn thing with a bathing suit on. SmH.

    @B.- Word? We're so alike! I'm also transitioning. You'll never see me with a mini fro though. I chop off a few inches every couple months and keep protective styles. Can't wait to see when your natural journey is in full effect! I'll be on the lookout for ANY update on your blog, lol.

  5. Ok...before I start...Janelle Monae is so beautiful and I swear my husband is hecka crushing on this chick,LOL! J/K.

    I heart natural beauty. I was natural for 6 years and then transitioned to a perm because I wanted to try something different. So I wore my haircut for about 2 years and decided to go back natural (did the big chop). Honestly, it's not working (my hair looks like Yogi Bear) so I am going back to the hair crack for now. YES...I am a traitor. Forgive me. But I definitely support it 100%. Maybe in the next year I will take another shot. I'm just too busy to be fooling around with my hair for this transition (sad face). Weave is an option, however, I'm tired of wearing those too. For the record,I hate lace front wigs.

  6. Don't do the perm, @What A Doll because I'm sure you'll regret it. I often wish that my hair was more manageable BUT I refuse to put a perm on it. Perms make hair so thin. YUCK!!! I am also not a fan of lace front wigs or wigs in general. Better yet, weaves MUST have some real hair left out or I will not like them at all!