Sunday, May 16, 2010


Since his 2009 mishap, Chris Brown has struggled to regain popularity and has faced an extreme amount of adversity. Before the incident I had no idea how huge of a Chris Brown fan I was. I found myself debating with my co-workers in an effort to defend the 21-year-old R&B singer. Anyway, in an effort not to beat a dead horse I'll get to the point of this post. I purchased his latest album and fell in love with the song, "I'll Go" and was super impressed with his In My Zone mixtape. Man, I swear "Madusa" was written for me, lol. I really hope that people come around and realize that this young man is talented and deserves a second chance. Too many people pass judgement on others without thinking about the harm that could cause. Just think, he's barely old enough to drink yet he was convicted of a felony offense. I mean, I've told plenty of people that I was going to kill them and I didn't have to do community service or be publicly ridiculed for it. Let's be fair and recognize his potential. See below for a short clip of a Haiti relief benefit concert that he headlined in Virginia yesterday. His dancing is amazing and be sure to peep his Dougie...

Do you love Chris Brown as much as I do? What's your favorite Chris Brown song? What are your thoughts on the future of his career?


  1. i LOVE Chris Brown too! With You & Superhuman - - all time favorites!!!! =)

  2. Yeah, people will hardly give the guy a second chance. I think he wants the mistake to go away faster then needed, but hey..i agree, everyone makes mistakes. I do think he is sorry. Alot of people are claiming now that his music is "okay", when all honesty he is an amazing performer...sometimes I think people should separate the artist from the person...
    also, he looks so damn good and i am not even into pretty boys...but!
    Fav song:kiss kiss

  3. "With You" is an excellent choice. "Superhuman" with Keri Hilson was pretty great too.

    @Moya2bean- I totally agree. He's awesome but they shouldn't necessarily separate the artist from the person though... They should just forgive him. I have! LoL

    and hahaha. He is pretty handsome. He looks the cutest when he's dancing though!

  4. At first I thought it was just me but after having the conversation with alot of peole, I have to say he seems to have more than a few fans. I hope he makes a huge comeback! Because we all make mistakes, and what happened that night is still a little murky. Not that it's ok to knock your girlfriend out, but... let me stop before I start a war or something.(Btw it was 2009)

  5. LOL... Thanks MizSerious! He does still have a huge die-hard fan-base, but he had the potential to do so much more and touch so many more people. Have you heard his mixtape with Tyga?

  6. It's so funny how the world operates. If you're a celebrity and commit a crime, you're hardly *ever forgiven. CB is very talented. I just wish that the issue of domestic violence was taken just as serious as his offense. When you're not in the limelight, you typically have to be murdered or damn there murdered before authorities and the press take it seriously. That's what makes a story, SMH.

  7. I agree totally @ the comment above.. It is funny yet sad. Celebs have it good and bad depending on the situation.

    Chris Brow is still an amazing, talented artist. I love this song from the latest mixtape (hopefuly it turns into a link ==>

    It's sad that he has to resort to putting out free mixtapes.

  8. Even though CB and I are slyly beefin', I think I'll always love him at heart, no lies.

    One of my favourites is "A heart aint a brain"