Friday, July 30, 2010

Racism on the news too? Wow.

I am convinced that racism is still alive and very prevalent after seeing this video.

It bothers me that this particular station decided to air this story and edited the clip so that the most ignorant portions could be seen. The media took this story and ran with it so now the story is all over the world wide web. This is how some Black people are, but it is very common for people to consider this a representation of MOST Black people. Stay tuned for videos about topics similar to this from our YouTube channel. We're currently dealing with a topic that questions why Black men desire non-Black women, but it's likely to expand.

What are your thoughts? Am I just tripping or is this news clip really ridiculous?


  1. Is it wrong that I thought this was hilarious? I mean could these people BE edited? I mean what were they going to do? Give them cue cards and tell them to dial it down. I can't even take it, I'm still laughing. I just say, some people don't know how to act.

  2. This has been an ongoing "joke" for as long as I am alive. There is not a black neighborhood in this country that is not affected by this type of media. No sis, I don't think you are tripping about how the media displays us...they ALWAYS sort out the most, for lack of a better term, outrageous looking person to interview...and the mess up thing about this is that most of the black folks that come off like this WANT to be shame in the who's to blame here? In my opinion it's both parties...

  3. wrong... WE ALL THINK THIS IS FUNNY. But the problem is police aren't really checking for who hopped in her project window... This was strategically taped and put on television. The people that don't know how to act are the ones representing the Black community most of the time.

    @ Jay K. Wes- I couldn't agree more.